Tuesday, September 1, 2009

He hath return!

It has been almost 2 weeks since I posted, let me just say that its been crazy hectic around here! between the flea infestation, my daughter starting school and my mother visiting from California I just have really had no time to sit down and write a blog. I had a birthday party for my daughter over the weekend and Heather (PUMPKINFACE for you spark people) came by and threatened me with bodily injury if I did not soon get a post up so I thought rather than get shanked that I would post.

Let me start the post by saying that I have been not been on the so straight and narrow where my eating and exercise has been concerned, I hurt my back last month and that is still lingering so I have not been getting my exercise in which I know sounds like a fat guy excuse but it is in fact what it is and I am going to try to get out for a bike ride sometime today. Eating good food has not really been what I have been doing this week, between the birthday party and my mom insisting on ordering pizza one night (it was more me NOT saying no) I have been eating whatever I want to including and up to a more than a few beers throughout the week, and today I am back to counting my 1700 again. Green tea? whats that? I have not been drinking my tea and I have been drinking minimal H2O, why? I have no clue why I have not been drinking but yesterday I drank a gallon each of straight H2O and green tea so again I am back on track with that. Lets call today the beginning of the end of the old ways that are actually the new ways which I suppose were the old old ways so either way yeah..I am back on track.

I had a proud daddy moment on Sunday because of my daughter and something she said, actually its more like an "Atta boy" moment and good on me for being a positive role model but either way I was pleased. We were out and about and a tiny voice cried from the back seat of the Family truckster "I'm tirsty Daddy" and we were just about pulling into our destination but there was no where to get a drink and wify spotted a Mcdisgusting up ahead and she said "pull in there and grab a diet coke or a juice for her" the drive through line was very long so wify ran in. While sitting in the parking lot I was chatting with my little girl and she looked up at the golden arches and said "Daddy what kind of store is that?" I said "Its Mcdonalds honey" she said "what do they sell in there?" I just smiled and told her that they sold yucky food but that we could get a drink for her there, she was satisfied with the answer and patiently waited for mommy to return. I thought about how she might just be the only kid on the planet that didn't know what Mcdonalds was on sight of the big yellow arches (they call them arches but it looks like some bent french fries to me) and I know that she is not brainwashed by the clown with the red hair because I offer her better choices for food and do not eat at fast food joints, I am changing more than just my own life.

So you can see I have been pretty busy and that is why the posts have been thin as of late, My mother is still here on vacation and the tiny spartan warrior fleas numbers are dwindling and I would not call it an infestation any more, we may be down to the final 300 and we all know how that story ends so soon an end shall come to them. My back feels ok the last few days and other than my wedding anniversary I do not think there any distractions in my near future so back on track I go once again. I will post my menu from today out of my excel sheet in tomorrows post and the regularly scheduled program shall return, now as I say with make sure to get that H2O into your days I will take my own advice this time around and get on up and grab myself a glass to add to the quart of green tea that is already down the hatch.

Thanks for reading along.

As Ever


  1. Glad you're back. I was starting to miss you. :-)

  2. Glad you're ok, good to see a post from you.

    I love those moments when we realize how our changes have impacted our kids. That's a biggie too, a kid not knowing what McDonald's is *smile*.

    Hope you have a good week back on plan.

  3. So very glad you are back. I thought maybe you had your gallbladder surgery. I sincerely miss reading your daily posts. They are so encouraging.

  4. Great, you're back!! And your daughter sounds like a cutie :)

  5. Glad to see that you're back. Great parenting!

  6. Good man! I'm going to make sure my daughter never goes into a McDonald's either

  7. miss you and fret about you.
    it's the way I roll...