Monday, September 21, 2009

Randomly random with a twist of excuse and a dash or whatever.

I am still feeling comfortable and not pushing as hard as I know that I should be, this is a problem for me...

This weekend I did more manual labor around the house but I did nothing that could be categorized as exercise in my book, I did not run, I did not ride my bike, I did not even go for a walk. I did do more work on the brick patio on Saturday and I did paint random things that needed touching up and I did walk around all day Sunday through department stores where I scored some Carhart pants on the cheap at a Cabelas sidewalk sale but none of that is exercise no matter what any of these calorie calculators say. I need to find my groove in the world of exercise once again and that is the bottom line, once I start that the rest always seems to fall into place on its own and all of this is happening on the eve of cold weather and I know that I have to get into a groove before the weather becomes an excuse to not work out. Life seems somehow busier lately, kind of like there is not a spare minute for me to work in some exercise and I know this is not the truth because I have 2 hours all to myself every weekday while my daughter is in her preschool class so what am I doing in these 2 hours that does not equal exercise? more errands usually but I am going to starting today make it a point to get at least something into those 2 hours because I need to remember where I was not too long ago, you know pressed into that dent in the old leather couch.

I was in a position a little more than a year and a half ago where I stopped and said that nothing was more important than my health, nothing mattered if I could not get control of this health issue which consisted of 250 excessive pounds attached to my body and I stuck to that. I made losing weight my job and my wife even joked about that fact more than once but now that I am down more than 200 pounds I am sliding other things into the more important slot and I am unsure that I am at a point where that should be the case just yet. I have said this before but wasn't losing the weight kind of so that I could be comfortable with myself again? wasn't it so that I did not have to worry about a possible heart attack at any given moment? wasn't it because I was afraid that I could die at any second of any random day? it was. With all of the above said I am going to start doing evening update posts to stay accountable with my exercise and menu's, what that means is good bad ugly it will be posted once per night because I really need to get this thing rolling again. I know that things are just very very busy right now wrapping up summer projects around the house and I am not making sure that everything is measured and weighed where my calories go and that I am doing house work in place of exercise and really just running out of time but that sounds a lot like excuses to me when I say it out loud and I am not going to make excuses for why I did or did not do something, if I had the time to do the exercise when I weighed more I can find the time now.

Now that sounds like I am being pretty hard on myself and I am but honestly I have done ok with the calories just not good, and I have done some exercise with mostly random walks but that is not the level of work that I had built myself up to so its just not good enough for me. I have to commit to at least 30 minutes of cardio per day and that is the bottom line because without that the weight just really slows to a crawl or stops completely and well, I still have a lot of weight to lose so I can't have that. As I am typing this out I am thinking about my words and am feeling like I sound like a broken record the last few posts with all of the "I know what I need to do" and "man I am busy as hell" its all starting to sound like excuses to me and it has to stop!

Bottom line is me and fatty are back on to go to the prom and I gotta stop making shit up as to why I am not doing what I know how to do. Its done right here in this last paragraph because it has to be, because I have to do what I need to do for me because without me I can't have the rest and I honestly feel like something clicked in my head as I wrote this post out so onward with the program. Look for the update posts in the evenings for a while and I do believe that I am actually back this time, so tune in tomorrow for the next episode of Fatman and Blobbin to find out whether Fatman chewed through the corner of the refrigerator to get that last piece of fudge or if he resisted temptation.

You all got to witness my thought process happening almost in real time in this post, its happened before and I am sure it will happen again so until then thanks for following and I need to eat my own words and get up off of my ass and grab a big glass of H2O for myself.

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  1. Sounds like you've done all the thinking about it. Good for you. I know you'll be back on it, with perhaps a different routine to fit the weather.

    Vee at

  2. Just do it - aka "Fake It Till You Make It"