Friday, September 18, 2009

Keep it simple stupid...and a weigh in

Today I weighed in to get a baseline number for my 25 pounds lost by Nov 11th challenge to myself and we came in at 340.2 pounds so up a whopping 10 pounds from my all time low weight of 330 pounds. I think this is important for me to get back into the swing of this whole weight loss thing, I say weight loss because in recent months I have more focused on the healthy part of it and stopped worrying so much about the actual raw weight and I need to get the weight moving downward again.

I have learned that I can eat like a normal person and not really gain too much weight, I have learned that I can exercise during the week and not feel like I am being forced to move, and I have learned that I was missing out on a lot when I was 500 plus pounds. I sometimes get asked how I do it, how do I stick to it day after day. all of the counting, measuring, balancing carbs/fat/protein/calories and my answer is simple, I do not over think any of this. what? no way you just use the K.I.S.S method and are having success! no way I say! indeed I am.

I receive emails from people periodically asking me things like "how many grams of fat do you allow yourself per day?" or "what ratio do you use for your fat/protein/carbs?" my answer is that I do not over complicate the process and what that means is that I do not count those things at all. At the core of it we are just another animal and the way I see it is if we just eat smart and balanced we can be healthy. the only thing that I limit is my calories, I can eat whatever I want throughout the day as long as it all adds up to roughly 1700 calories, if I want to eat 1700 calories worth of baked potatoes in a day so be it but it better not go over at least not too much over 1700 calories, now that is not how I do it, I mean I have never eaten 1700 calories worth of potatoes in a day...well maybe back a couple years ago I may have but now not so much, I try to eat a bit from each group per meal and call it a day. some days I am carb heavy, I figure on those days that its what my body needed for nourishment and then some days I may be heavy on the protein which the same conclusion gets made, I must have needed it that day.

Our bodies are amazing and can tell us a lot about what we need with cravings or with pain, I don't think that as we evolved there was a manual written with exact amounts of fuel for each particular task or movement and either we adhere to that or we shall all become gelatinous masses plopped along the planet. Every one of us is different and the same all at once, basically we all need roughly the same things to survive and remain healthy but there is no guide book to follow, no magical figure that will smite fat from our bones if followed to the letter. The way I feel about it is that we are merely another animal gracing the crust of this planet that we all call home and if we eat to live instead of living only to find the next best triple fudge brownie that we can all be healthy and less rotund. Eat lean meats eat veggies drink much and we are eating healthy its that simple, none of the over thinking is necessary, complicate things and they get difficult and soon we find ourselves giving it least that is my experience with things. I will admit to eating a lot of whole foods and I drink green tea like no other but besides that it is really just counting calories, less in than I burn and that's that.

I have been thinking about the C25K program lately and how I never did finish it all of the way through, I was blasting through it and enjoying myself doing so and then got hurt and when I had recovered I had bought a bike and the "fun factor" of that over ruled the running but it is getting cooler out again and I have been itching to start the program back up. A few things to mention about why I stopped running, some dumb some legitimate and some just not a whole lot to it either way. I am not past the "fat guy" thing yet and what I mean is that I am still a fat guy ~ duh but what I mean is that when I was running I wore a compression shirt and that bothered me a bit, not comfort in the traditional sense but comfort in the way that it looked to me. I wore it under a tee shirt which was ok but when that was on my shirts looked odd to me but I ran anyways and as I was hounded on (you know who you are) to get running again the thought of wearing that shirt to stop the swaying of the looseness was not making me want to run. Now that it is getting cooler outside I can wear a hoodie when I run which will do a great job of hiding the sway, dumb reason I know but hey, when ya lose 200 pounds the skin is not as taught as one would like t to be and well yeah.

So there you have the random thoughts of none other than Me to ponder with your morning java, or hopefully tea! The start weight for my 25 pounds bt Nov 11th challenge will be set at 340 and I may start running again very soon as well, hitting the ground running this week to kick start me back into my groove and I will do my best to keep the posts on the blog in a daily fashion once again, weekends may be iffy (like always) but I will try and post tomorrow at some point again just to get a menu up. Thank you for following along and if you have made it to this point in the post you do deserve a drink of water so get on up and grab a glass as this post seems to have become a long one.

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  1. Good job on facing the music and committing to getting back on track. You ought to find yourself a 5K race. Look around your area and see if you can find a Turkey Trot for Thanksgiving. That would motivate you to stick to your plan, I think.

  2. I hear ya man- I broke my toe a few weeks ago (it's still blue) and then two days ago sprained my ankle falling on some wet floor- I haven't really exercised much since then :(

    I guess we got to get back to it! :)

  3. I'll have a sip of Green Tea. Yes you got me started on the Green Tea. I'm a week off of the Diet Cokes and doing just fine because of the water and Gren Tea. Great advise.

    I'm pulling for ya. I look forward to your future postings.