Monday, September 21, 2009

Intake/exercise update 1

As mentioned in my previous post I will be posting updates each night for a bit to show what my intake was as well as my exercise for that day, here you have the first one, I will keep it short and sweet as Heroes is about to start.

7:00 AM
1 T creamer 90

8:00 AM
2 cups corn chex 220
1 cup 1% milk 110

12:30 PM
6 inch turkey subway 280

2:30 PM 1 apple 85

4:30 PM
1 pickle 10

6:00 PM
6oz ground turkey 240
9oz fries 390
2 80 cal rolls 160
1 bottle corona extra 148

G-Tea 1.33 gallons
H2O 1/2 gallon

1 ride around the lake = 3 miles in 16 minutes

That's 1733 total calories and when I started riding my bike it took me 25 minutes to make it around that lake, I haven't done that ride in some time and it would appear that I have improved my pace even with my time off. If I take a ride for exercise tomorrow I will have to add distance as when I ride solo I go faster apparently, and there you have it, its my accountability post and just a lil extra for anyone interested.

As Ever

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  1. Wow great day. You'll make you goal for sure. Stay Strong!