Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sticks and stones may break my bo....guts?

12:20 am and since about 10:30 pm pain from these wonderful gallstones has kept me wiggling in my seat so I figured if I was up I could write an entry. I ate well today, my total calories came in at 1795 so 95 calories higher than my caloric limit and that is what I call on target, especially since I just tossed at least 1/3 of dinner into my septic system a couple of minutes ago, hmmmm can I deduct that from my calories for the day? probably not. I drank 1 gallon of green tea, one 12oz coke zero, and three 44 oz glasses of straight H2O throughout the day so I will say that I am properly hydrated. Where movement comes into play I did not do anything that I would call on purpose exercise but Wify and I did cut out 3 wild rosebushes that were overgrown all over the shed in my back yard, I took out a wasp nest with the lid to a bucket and some fast stomping action and cleared an area around the shed in prep for painting it before it gets too cold outside. Over all it was an on track day with a very busy morning which consisted of driving all over the state taking care of errands as an appetizer to the chopping of the bushes.

I have recommitted myself to this weight loss game in the past couple of days and am setting a goal of 25 pounds lost by Nov 11th which is the date that I see my doc next and I believe this to be an ambitions goal. I know that I am up in weight from my low weight of 330 pounds, just how much I am unsure of so this Friday I will do a weigh in post and use that number for my Nov 11th goal which is just over 3 pounds per week. I know that 3 pounds per week is a huge number but I think that I need to have something that seems impossible in front of me in order for me to conquer it.

This week I will resculpt my routine not out of stone this time but maybe into my arm so that I never forget that I need to stay on point with my new habits no matter how comfortable I am in my own skin. Staying in the groove that I have cut into my path is as important as drinking enough fluid or might I go as far as saying that it is as important as oxygen itself, because there was a point in my life when I was scared with every last bit of me that death was coming my way much earlier than it had to and because I fought back and beat it into the ground starting in Jan 2008 is no excuse to let up on the pressure just yet. Am I healthier than I was so many months ago? damn skippy I am, can I do things today that were merely thoughts and ideas a little more than a year ago? yes sir, and am I in a better place than I was back then? You betcha! so what the fuck am I thinking when I let things slip just because I got a bit comfortable with where I am? From here on out I am back in that high gear and focusing on what I need to be pointed at because like I have said a multitude of times, I am NOT done with what I have started therefore I must get my shit together again and get where I need to be where my health is concerned.

With that my gut has calmed enough for me to attempt to go lay down and almost an hour has passed since I started writing this post so I bid thee farewell until tomorrow.

Thanks for following along, keep on keepin on and all that.

As Ever


  1. I hope you get rid of the gallstones soon!

  2. good to see you're getting back into the program!

    I spent like 2 months reading your entire back-log to read "your story" from the start, and I get to the end (right when I start a similar change) and you go on hiatus!

  3. Go see the doctor about the gallstones, untreated you could end up with pancreatitis, and that ain't fun at all. Gall bladder surgery is no big deal these days, my daughter was out of the hospital the next day.

    Good luck, and good health, oh and cut all animal fat, you will feel less vile.