Tuesday, September 22, 2009

To bee or not to...um yeah

So yesterday I started posting mini posts in the PM and honestly its helping already because so far today I have put everything that I have eaten into my excel sheet as well as weighed every bite that went into my mouth. As my mini post says I came in at 1733 calories even after indulging in a bottle of Corona while chatting with my neighbor in the driveway for about 30 minutes last night, I wasn't going to have the brew but figured that it couldn't hurt too much. My intake was on par yesterday and today is off to a good start as well so I am hoping for a good week.

Yesterdays bike ride gave me a little bit of extra excitement because of some wasps, about a month ago I can recall someone placing a sign on one end of the trail that I ride through to get all of the way around my lake warning of a wasp nest at one end of the dam and apparently its still there. As I rode across the dam and the planks were thumping under my bike tires I saw a couple wasps rise from underneath the end of the dam and just knew it wasn't good news for me. I was moving along at a speed that would not allow me to stop and go back the way that I came before hitting the edge of the small cloud of wasps which was growing with every thump on the boards so I decided to go right through them and take a chance running into the woods. Honestly I cannot remember what maneuver I executed to get off of the bike onto my feet and down the stairs on the dam but I felt very nimble at that very moment as I dashed yes I said dashed into the brush faster than I thought that I ever could and did not stop until I couldn't hear any more buzzing in my immediate area. Perhaps my mad dash is why my ride took shorter? probably not but it was not something that I was expecting to be there for sure and I am sure the part of the story where I ran into the woods was visually hysterical or perhaps traumatic for anyone close enough to bear witness.

Other than the intake going smoothly and my wasp encounter the day went pretty much par for the course where my healthy lifestyle goes. Today my plan for exercise is to go for a walk with Wify after dinner sometime or perhaps some calisthenics, I am not real sure yet what will happen on that front because I have a parent teacher meeting that I forgot about until I just wrote that sentence. Tonight is the second episode of the newest edition of The biggest loser and I always seem to want to work out for a couple days after that show is on, I don't know why but I do. Perhaps its watching people that are bigger than me something that I don't get to see all that often working out so hard, or maybe its just that whole being around like minded people thing, yes I understand that I am not physically "around" them but you get the idea and knowing how hard those people are working at those kinds of weights and not because its obvious but because I was there has an impact on me as well? whatever the reason I don't care, its one of the only shows on tv that I watch every week and if its effecting me in a way that is keeping me motivated I'll take it.

There you have another post and with that I bid you farewell until tonight's update post, make sure to get all of that H2O in and never forget that we control what we do in everything that we do.

As Ever