Monday, September 7, 2009

Look! up in the sky! it's a bird its a plane...its...???

Where has he gone? that guy, you know the guy that is stricter than a Sunday school teacher, the fella that drinks like a fish and exercises like he has no sense in his head, I miss him, I know that he is still around but he finds himself gazing out the window of health lately just watching shiny stuff that catches his eye. I am finding that complacency is setting in where my eating and exercise regimen are concerned and I need to get my juju back sooner than later and basically get my ass back in the game. It's funny how just a tad bit of stress tossed into the works can effect the direction of a perfectly formed and smoothly running plan, just a couple bumps strategically placed in the path of a person by life mixed up with the comfort of being able to move freely through the world again and bamn! complacency.

I have a long way to go on my health journey, I am down 200 pounds so far and have changed my life in a way that I did not think possible. I did it with a ton of determination and discipline while making good food choices and exercising my as off literally as well as figuratively but lately I have just been kicking back, feet up and enjoying the fruits of my 20 months worth of labor, is that bad? I don't think so, but at the same time I do need to keep my eye on the end game because this kid still has a way to go before entering the realm of a normal healthy person.

In the past week of not really posting I have received dozens of emails from people that read my blog asking if everything is ok or offering to be that shoulder if I need one, I think that is awesome. Think about it, all of these people that have never met me and are all concerned because I haven't posted regular like, kind of cool in my book. I am ok! I am still here, just been busy with more than a few things the last couple weeks, My mom is here visiting from Cali, I put in a patio in my back yard, dealing with a few docs talking about a few things and finishing up painting the exterior of my house before the winter gets here so a bit busy is the flavor of the month. The house is painted, My mother is flying home tomorrow morning, the patio is 90% completed and talking to the docs can happen either way so I am going to get back with the regular posts again, mostly because I need to as I have been a bad boy where my eating goes.

I have not counted my calories in some time, lots of eating on the fly because of being out and about with my mom the last 2 weeks and..... see right there? did ya see that? that there was an excuse folks and guess who doesn't make excuses any more? yep that would be me, so might I retract that last bit and say that I have not been doing what I need to be doing so that I can with full honesty say that I am doing my part, because I haven't been doing my part the last couple weeks, this will not continue and I am back.

I am leaps and bounds beyond where I was once upon 2 years ago but need to remember where once upon a time was so that I stay focused.

With that, the end has come to a post, I am heading out for a walk around my lake with the Wify.

As Ever


  1. Glad you had some time with your mom. Sounds like you haven't been putting your feet up to much with painting the house and putting in a patio and all those home remodels/repairs. Glad to see a post from you and hear you are doing ok.

  2. Good to hear you are still there - sometimes when a regular poster goes quiet, everyone wonders what happened.

    This is going to sound awful bold, but it is only meant in the best of ways. You are in a dangerous place right now. Often when we achieve a level of success far greater than we could have ever believed, we get comfortable before finishing the job. It doesn't happen on purpose, but it happens to a lot of people. Sometimes it disguises itself as "I'm going to let my guard down a little for just a bit. It won't be a problem to get right back on program." or as "Wow, I am exhausted. I have really put my heart into this thing for a while now, and with life hitting me at all sides I need a break." or maybe even inner-arguments of self worth. I am not suggesting any or all of these describe you. Only you know the inner most feelings. However, I do know that you gotta get back in the game quick. The longer you wait, the harder it is, and soon you are looking at an extra 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 pounds to lose. Believe me, that is not somewhere you want to go. Now is the time to finish what you've started. Not next month, not next week, now! You have already proven you can do it, you just gotta set your mind to it and make it happen.

  3. Praying for the strength, determination, and excitement to come back into your weight loss adventure. It's not a diet, you know that, it's a new way of life. Having visitor always makes it harder for me, but I'm getting better at it. BTW--I don't always comment, but I do read your blog and your story is amazing!!! Hope the doctors talking to each other helps sort things out. Blessings--Bonnie

  4. Tony, you always bounce back. Don't worry, you got someone in your corner rooting you on.

  5. Okay, so I don't want to sound like a total non-supporting blogger....
    I know I'm supposed to say, "get back on track, mister!" but I have to say that I think you may be being a *tiny* bit harder on yourself than you deserve to be.

    I've never heard of another person like you....someone that has stayed this determined and dedicated for so long....without help from any kind of appetite suppressant drugs, lap band nothing. You have done it all fueled by willpower with a few good doses of support from family and friends and blog buddies! Anyway, I was just thinking, "you don't count calories anymore? Why would you? You've done it for nearly 2 years now...surely you know what's good and what's too much." But I'm not supposed to say that. Now, I'm not suggesting you pull a "Robyn" and totally fall off the wagon most days of the week, and grab back on for one or two just to say you're still on....


    Perhaps "living" your life the way you enjoy it now - - active, more happy, weighing less - - is not terrible. I think we all know that there's no way you are going to gain weight back. It's just not you. You are stronger than you give yourself credit for, and I know you will do what you need to do to stay on track, even if it means going off track just to guilt-trip yourself into getting back on. Haha.

    You're fine. Cheer up, Charlie. :)

  6. I love Robyn's post and i would say much the same thing to you.

    I have been at this for almost 2 years now and i must say i don't count calories any more. I KNOW when i'm off plan and when i'm not.

    I don't have the strangle hold on exercise i used to have on myself. I've come to believe you can't live your life that way. Those actions got you to this point but you must evolve. Things do not stay the same.

    Learn to trust yourself. This may be the next hardest step as the hardest step was the first one.

    Best Wishes JInx!

  7. I just found your site today and might I say that you have done a wonderful job!!!

  8. Hey--llo,
    I miss your postings. I've started my trek just last week but I have found your blog posting to be incredibly motivating. I hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for your time