Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Intake/exercise update 2

Intake came in at 1690 total calories and I drank almost 2 gallons of fluid today, I did however fall short on the exercise. I worked on my car for a short while and ran around all afternoon and as I mentioned had an appointment with my daughters teacher this evening, I guess if I have time to write this update that I can do some calisthenics eh? I will do some push ups and some light dumb bell exercises as soon as I hit the publish button.

7:15 AM
2 cups honey comb 220
1 cup 1% milk 110

11:45 AM
4.5oz ground turkey 180
2 80 cal rolls 160

1:45 PM
2 slices whole wheat bread 140
1 T peanut butter 95
1 T strawberry preserves 35

6:00 PM
3/4 cup white rice 150
2 cup green beans 80
5oz chicken breast 250

8:00 PM
13 cups air popped popcorn 260

9:00 PM
1 pickle 10

G-Tea 1 gallon
H2O 3/4 gallon

You may return to whatever it was that you were doing before you clicked the link to this blog.

That is all.

As Ever

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