Friday, August 21, 2009

Being overwhelmed...and it's not what you think..

Within daily life sometimes things happen that are neither here nor there yet they define the moment, they can dictate mind states and control our every waking hour, this week was no different in the way that life keeps going no matter the challenges. Being invaded by the hordes is never a grand moment yet somehow bigger than life while holding focus and can prove to be character shaping at times, when lilliputian enemies rear their ugly heads its time to buckle down and end the day dining in hell if need be.

Day one, Something was amiss, it was quiet and the feline was no where to be found yet the jingle of a bell was ever present, scouting around the mangy beast was found sitting in a corner mumbling something about his precious and the bell on his neck was the only other sound to be heard. bamn! a prick on the ankle, bamn! bamn! in rapid succession two more came and that's when it became clear what had happened, tiny flea warriors had breached the wall. The suction device was deployed and the furry bell ringer was quarantined while the area was cleared of tiny invaders, night fell and sleep was had.

Day two, Upon waking a messenger sat boldly upon the forearm of the master, gnawing on flesh caring not that he would be seen, with a pinch and a short walk to the basin this intruder was drown and disposed of. The day progressed normally until a scream was heard from one of the sleeping quarters and five more invaders were captured and drown, what could be done? obviously something had to be done immediately but what? Poison! yes poison would certainly do the trick, so one of the elders was given the task of laying poison and using the suction device to take care of the petite trespassers and a castle in a far away land was visited comfortably knowing that the elder would surely take care of this problem.

Day three, which was really day nine for the inhabitants and upon returning from the rodents palace they were informed that the poison had just been applied only hours before so nine days worth of poisoning was wasted while multiplication of enemies ran amok. Again the feline was quarantined, suction was applied and peaceful living returned for a short time, a very short time. It was not long before there were minuscule vermin wearing blue face paint screaming "Freeeeedooooommmm!!" bringing Chaos to the realm once again so foggers were dispatched while the inhabitants left for the day only to return to find that the foggers were not enough to penetrate the armor of the microscopic warriors besieging a peaceful land, sleeping would prove more difficult this time around.

Day...the days are melting together into one big mass of turmoil as the suction device is being deployed hourly once again. Standing in his quarters a lone opponent was noticed watching as a conversation was had, "This is madness honey" I said to the lady of the house and in a loud whisper a reply was heard from the corner of a bureau where one of the wee warriors stood proudly "Madness? THIS IS SPARTAAAAAA!" Sparta? This is New England motherfucker! now get out! a new battery of foggers have been acquired from the supply house and will be utilized on the eve of morrow, 9 of them to be exact, if this does not purge these lilliputian warriors from our domain I will be at a loss and will have to consider a retreat.

I fear this may be the last entry if considerable ground is not made up in this next battle, My friends, wish me luck.

As Ever


  1. Freakin' hilarious! I wish you luck on your battle...they are persistant, tough little bastards!

  2. Tony, what the H*@#! Get it together. LOL

  3. LOL!

    I recently fought against the army of ants outside my house.

    I have no dog or cat so luckily I was able to win using sevin dust :)

  4. 6 days after the fog raid is had get some purple can raid (for fleas and hatching eggs) and spray everything (furniture, carpets, beds, etc), leave to dry (I usually do the spraying first thing before leaving for the day). Don't spray the bell ringer or family lol. After about 12 hours vacuum. The incubation time of the hatching eggs of the flea warriors is 7 days so this should double your chances for totally annulation. Good luck!!!

  5. Oh! Now I get it! My bad! I hate critters!

  6. do you use frontline? or anything like that?

  7. How are you? Haven't seen a post from you this week. Wondering if you went for your gall bladder surgery? Thinking of you and hoping things are well.