Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sticks and Gallstones will break my bon....wait what?

This week is an extremely busy week for me and I will finally tell ya why the posts have been thin lately. Remember a few posts back when I said that I had a gut wrenching stomach ache? Well I have been back and fourth to my doc and I went and had an ultrasound done on Friday and I'm pregnant! not really but obviously you already knew that, the ultrasound did in fact show that I have gallstones though so I will be dealing with that until it gets sorted out.

Where the better health program goes I am pretty much on track besides not getting in my workouts as much as I would like to this last week. I have been sticking to my calories but slacking off on the bike/walk/run thang. Last night I did go for a ride with wify on the bike but I forgot to reset my bike computer so I am not sure how long we were out but I was sweaty so I was working and that's what I like to see. A bike ride is planned for tonight as well because I have decided that well I will just say it, I am being lazy with the not working out because I am comfortable with my size right now but since I am far from done losing weight I gotta keep on kepin on.

Here is a look at the menu from Monday, I am going to try and post the menu every day this week for those who care to have a look.

7:15 AM
2 cups fruit & grain cereal 240
1 cup 1% milk 110

8:00 AM
1 banana 105

10:45 AM
1 oz smart puffs 140

1:00 PM
lavash bread 100
4oz deli turkey 100
1 T miracle whip 40
1 med tomato 25
lettuce/pickle 10

5:45 PM
6oz ground turkey 240
2 80 calorie hamburger rolls 160
1 T light Oil/vinaigrette dressing 50
Green salad 50

8:15 PM
1 banana 105

Grand total was 1475 calories for the day which is pretty low but I have those days sometimes and there was about 6 strawberries not listed there that I ate as well so slightly higher than the 1435. I have a couple docs appointments this week and hopefully I can get things squared away with this gallbladder predicament sooner than later so that I can stop stressing over it which means going to bed at a reasonable hour instead of staying up late researching gallbladder stuff, the ironic part of that situation is that my weight loss likely caused the stones in the first place! so my idea for not having any surgeries turns into the great possibility of me having a gallbladder removed, I have an appt tomorrow to talk about it so I will have more info then.

Getting comfy in my own skin is awesome! and not so awesome at the same time because of the relaxing on the strictness but I am re-devoting ALL of my time to me for the month of August and expect great things for me where my health and weight loss goes. Wify has hopped back onto the wagon and that will only help my situation because watching her stay strict makes me want to one up her and be that much more strict, call me competitive! whatever works right? and with that thought another post comes to an end and hopefully everyone of you are staying hydrated, and if not ask yourself "why not?" and go grab a big ol glass of H2O right now!

Thanks for following along while I get healthy and less round.

As Ever


  1. Ouch- that happened to my friend as well- she lost a large amount of weight then actually had to get her gallbladder removed! She was on South Beach though and the doctor said it happens more often than people realize.

    She's fine now though- glad you went to see a doctor and are getting it taken care of :)

  2. Sorry to hear about the gallstones. But I'm pretty sure if you have to have your gallbladder out it can be laparoscopic which will go much easier than mine did so try not to worry. Even with open surgery I was back to walking 2 1/2 miles in just 9 days. If you think there is anything I can help answer please ask. Take care and try not to stress about it, I'm sure it will be ok no matter what happens. Way to go to you and the wifey on the bike ride too.

  3. Sorry to hear about your gallstones! You know what caused mine? Pregnancy! LOL!

    I love reading your blog and only hope the motivation will rub off on me soon and I can be as committed as you are in the weight loss! Plus, you're funny as hell about it!

    Keep on keepin' on! =D

  4. You'd have had a better chance of convincing folks you were pregnant with some of your earlier pics. ;)

  5. Yee-ouch! After my mother rapidly lost about 50 pounds, her gallbladder ruptured. She thought she was having a heart attack.

    I feel for you! Good luck!


  6. You made me *giggle* with the pregnancy line.

    Back in the day, I lost a lot of weight and coincidentally or not, lost my gallbladder. Who knows, eh?

    Everything will be ok regardless of whether you need it out or not. It's an easy surgery to recover from. So have no worries if that's the route you have to take.
    "Getting comfy in my own skin is awesome!" ~~ made me smile ear to ear ... I'm very happy for you!

    Keep on keeping on.
    Your story is inspiring.

  7. I once heard that one of the only ways to get an insurance paid "tummy tuck" was to have your gallbladder out. Maybe you could ask about that if you feel you need one hahahaha! Seriously, hope you get answers and feel better very soon.