Friday, July 31, 2009

Weigh in is here again and a menu

This happens to be a weigh in day so I guess I will post what the scale said to me this morning, I had an appt this morning that required me to fast after 12AM last night and I weighed myself after the appt so how true the weigh in is I don't know. The scale says that I am down from last week by a whole 2 pounds coming in at 335.0 but I want to add a pound to that weight because I weighed myself at 11:00 am which was after no breakfast and not as much as a swig of H2O so I think the weigh in was off in my favor this week. I am calling it 336 pounds even with the 335 weigh in and that is still down a whole pound from last week and I have had a really bad week on every level besides calories so its one for the W column.

Here is a snapshot of my menu from Thursday.

7:30 AM
2 cups honey comb cereal 220
1 cup 1% milk 110

1 small tomato 25

10:45 AM
1 banana 105

1:45 PM
4.5 oz deli turkey breast 135
1 lavash bread 100
lettuce/1 whole tomato 45
1 T miracle whip 40

6:30 PM
8oz grilled chicken 400
1 cup white rice 200
light sour cream/BBQ sauce 50
7.5oz sauteed squash & zucchini 140

7:45 PM
1 banana 105

Grand total of 1675 calories and that is WAY over estimating the calories in the zucchini and squash which was just sliced up with onion, garlic, olive oil and black pepper. I did drink 1 gallon of green tea and 3/4 gallon of straight H2O and my exercise for the day did not happen as I was suppose to go on a bike ride just before dark and my baby sitter fell through, that and I decided to let wify swim instead of me riding since there was no reason both of should miss out on the exercise because of a sitter issue.

I feel that August is going to be a high loss kind of month for the weight as I am over this throat bacterial thingamajig now and vacation is done and over with so no more caloric distractions for a while and I do believe that will conclude this weigh in post.

Just like always, I thank you for taking the time to follow along and don't forget to stay hydrated! get that H2O down!

As Ever


  1. Way to go on the lose, I say any lose is a celebration. I loved the sunflower pic, sweet that you and your daughter have one. I need to plant one for Marie next year, or maybe many *smile* I think they just brighten everything up. Here's to a great week.

  2. A lose is a lose is a lose. Right on! Heres to a strong August showing for us both!

  3. Take the loss that's in your favor. You know there will be weeks when the scale doesn't give you the love you deserve.

    Good job.