Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day something and random randomness, really? yup

It has been one of those weeks for me, sort of a go go go kind of feeling all while holding at a complete stand still, but not really. I have since coming home from vacation been steadily pushing the weight back down closer to my low weight and have done pretty well with keeping the calories where they should be but I have also been under the weather since getting back too so that's effecting things a tad. I have sort of a lingering cold that's mild enough that I am still taking rides on my bike (I found a killer hill that I need to defeat) but bad enough that the mornings are rough, such is life but I just haven't felt like typing out posts which explains the lack of posting this week.

Over all I am doing great good with keeping to the calories this week, I have been at or under my 1700 calorie limit for the most part barring the random day that I go over by 200-ish calories with a random treat but like I said over all its been a decent week. When I returned from Florida I was up more weight than I would like to admit BUT since I started this blog so that I would have a place to post up my weight and to have some accountability, here goes. The day that I got home from FL I immediately hopped on the scale when I walked through the door and what the scale said literally shocked me, granted I was fully dressed and had just driven 20 some odd hours straight eating lots of things that I probably shouldn't have and drinking instead of my regular green tea a 4 pack of Arizona diet green tea energy drinks (I was excited to find these btw) and hey it was after all green tea right? but anyways the number that I saw was 357 pounds, 357 pounds?? no fucking way! is what I thought and onto the scale again I went and bamn 357, it was what it was and on my way I went.

I immediately began sucking down as much water and tea as I could get my hands on and we went out shopping and filled our fridge with buku veggies and I have basically been eating salad and grilled chicken all week, within a day I was down 5 pounds, and then 2 pounds per day for a spell so I know that it was just a bloated fat man from a week of not taking care of myself the way that I should have but that is a whopping 24 pounds more than my lowest point! Knowing that when I left for vacation I was not my svelte 333 pound lowest I will add that I was 336 pounds on July 4th (my last official weigh in before vacation on the blog) but any way its sliced I was up A LOT! This morning I weighed myself and am back down to 340.8 pounds so I am bringing it back down to "pre vacation" levels and am within 5 pounds of what I weighed before I left and 8 pounds of my lowest weight to date, yes yes this is a good feeling once again.

I have been riding my bike (big surprise eh?) almost every day, and I know that I am starting to sound like a broken record but I don't even feel like I am exercising when I am out on that piece of metal and rubber! I am thoroughly worked out after a ride and my rides have been lasting roughly 30 minutes lately (I ride kind of hard and don't stop, just ask Pumpkinface, er Heather) but I want to get up to an hour per day on week days and more than that on the weekends. Wify has been coming along for the ride lately and its nice to have her to ride with and she is getting in a workout as well so its a win win in my book. I have to say that where I live is ALL hills, when I say all hills what I mean is that I cannot honestly think of one spot that is flat for more than 30 to 50 yards before a hill comes into play and it feels like there are more ups than downs which I know cannot be the case but man! my legs get burning on some of those assents! which brings me to the descends, I am still getting use to being perched up top on a bike again and because I am me I have to try and do whatever I am doing as hard as I can and I was coming down a decent sized hill and hit 35 mph (which to people that ride bikes probably is not all that fast) but when you are 340 pounds, back on a bike for less than a month and on a mountain bike (knobby tires) when cruising down a hill at 35mph and gaining speed the thought of "what would happen if" starts going through your head hardcore and the brakes are applied. I know that the answer is ride more and get a set of road tires so that I will feel better as well as handle the road better but I want to keep the knobby tires on the bike so that I have some resistance because I am after all using the bike for exercise and that's free burned calories there, plus I do ride on a section of grass and dirt when I ride around the lake.

As I am feeling random, my post shall reflect that and onto another subject, my calories for yesterday came in at 1830 which as you know is above my allowance but I am ok with that as I am still getting things together in the fridge and meals are planned again so I should not have a problem going over again this week. I went out and bought $53 worth of fruits and veggies yesterday and there is some green tea brewing out on the kitchen table as I type and I feel great about my intake over the next couple days, now if I can kick this cold that I have I would be doing as great as I feel, um about my eating, not physically because I am sick, but then I just said that so now I am being redundant.

With that I will end the post for today and I hope everyone is keeping on with the keepin on, or something like that, or at least I hope you are all getting that H2O into your days.

I am off to catch up on some of your blogs and read through a few emails, thanks for following along.

As Ever


  1. I don't know if you read my vacation post after I got home from FL but I was up 13 lbs. I'm not sure what the heck that's all about but like you it seemed to fall off pretty quickly but it sure was scary for a few days. Even this more recent trip to FL when I got home I was up again 8 lbs. Something about the weather there I guess it makes you hang on to every drop of water lol. Anyway, I'm sure you will get it all back off and be back to your low and below soon enough. Way to go on all the bike riding, you and your wifey, it makes me want a bike.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time despite the gain! And really how often do you go to Disneyworld? I would have also splurged if I were you :)

  3. Awesome job on getting back on track so quickly!!! That takes so much strength and motivation, and is truly the great thing to do.