Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I'm Back! Groggy and up in weight but here I am.

If you follow my blog regularly, you have probably been wondering about the lack of posts lately and if you are new to the blog it likely just appears that I do not post often. I was on vacation for the past week or so hence the lack of posting but I have returned! you can now stop crying because you missed me, awe.

I want to start off my return to the blog by saying man did I eat bad while on vacation! it was not so much over eating as it was not eating the right things, don't get me wrong, I DID eat more than usual but hey I am on vacation right? I know, I know vacation is no reason to go off plan, this is after all a lifestyle change and not a diet right? Yes, yes it is. The way that I look at it is like this, it is a lifestyle change and it is easy to just let my guard down for a little more than a week and just go with the flow grabbing food on the run but those choices are not always the best and on a tight schedule getting a good solid nutritious meal is not always an option so I traded off "good solid counted meals" for "eat when I can" because it was not really what I would call a laid back vacation, we were sort of go go go! the whole time and in the spirit of getting as much in for the kids, meal planning went out the window, yeah it was for the kids, that's it!

He offered me corn but I took the cake instead!

Over all I did a lot of walking on vacation but I did eat way too many bad things and I am up in weight today, I am not going to do a weigh in post for tomorrow because I know that I am dehydrated, I am sore and the ships have been docked for 2 days and I don't feel that it would be a very accurate weigh in, so I will wait until next Friday for a weigh in post. I do want to mention that on one of the days I was out in not so sunny Florida (it rained like every day we were there) that I had the opportunity to check out a restaurant that was recommended to me by another blogger, his exact words in the email to me were "The best restaurant ever"and I have to agree with him on that because the food was amazing, the service was even better than that and it was a healthy way to spend an evening so I felt good about being able to get it into our time in FL. I will be giving that place a post of its own (it deserves it!), maybe tomorrow to replace the weigh in post.

I am still a little groggy this morning as I type because of our twenty some odd hour drive back to New England (we drove straight through) but I wanted to get a post up, so here it is. I have some weeding to do in my garden and want to get a nice leisurely ride on my bike in this afternoon so I will end the post here for now.

It was a great vacation and some junk was eaten but I am back home now and its time to get back into a groove and hit my weight loss and health goals for the year. Thanks for following along and now I have to follow my own advice and get hydrated!


As Ever


  1. I agree on the lifestyle thing and my lifestyle would be that I wouldn't track every single thing I eat while on vacation. In fact I generally use vacation to "vacate" from anything and everything that I choose. That means no planned eating, drinking or exercise for me. Do I still make healthy choices? Sometimes. Do I gain weight? A couple pounds usually but as soon as I get back home and get back with the program, it all straightens itself out. Welcome back!

  2. I'm so very interested in your trip to Disney World. My hubby and I are thinking of either going there perhaps November. I've been to Disneyland many times as I'm a native Californian, but wow, DisneyWorld! Hope you'll let me email you and ask questions of your experience, I would love that. As always, I'm just still so amazed at your weight loss story so far, who the hell cares about what happened for only one week on vacation. In my book, you deserve the break, I just hope you didn't stay on a guilt trip while there. Enjoy your gardening today and when you're all fresh again, perhaps we can chat! Linda

  3. glad you are back! looks like a great time!

  4. Hi ZeusMeatball! I was surfing weight loss blogs this morning and stumbled onto yours. Man! Your story is awe-inspiring!!! I am just floored at what you have accomplished. You should (and you seem to) feel really really good about your journey. I noticed you mentioned an excel spreadsheet that you use. I was wondering if you could write a post about how you use it and maybe even a link to the file that could be altered by another user like myself. I am computer savvy but never learned the excel program. I'd like to avoid taking a class in it if I could. Whaddya think? Again, let me just say, WAY TO GO!!

  5. Just make sure you get straight back on the wagon. I find that after vacations I end up gaining even more weight as it takes me ages to get my mojo back!

  6. welcome back! I was wondering where you were. Glad your goals have not been tossed by the wayside.