Friday, July 24, 2009

Weigh in time again, You want fries with that shake?

Surprisingly enough I am happy with this mornings weigh in, I will get right to it and say that I weighed in at 337 pounds which is a single pound heavier than my pre-vacation weight and only 4 pounds more than my lowest weight to date. I was not expecting that number when I woke up this morning but obviously glad to see it and though I do have a cold and am not really exercising the way that I should be I am going to shoot for a new low next week. I mentioned in another post that I have been going slightly over on my calories and if I am dropping the weight this fast by doing that I may adjust my intake up a little bit and add 100 calories to each day, this is only an idea right now and I will decide if that's what I do over the next week or two.

It has been raining on and off all week so I have not been outside as much as I would have liked to be, add that with this cold (which may be more than that as its been here for a while) and I am itching to get out and go on a nice long bike ride, honestly I would settle for a nice long walk! Wify and I were talking about how fun this bike has been for both of us, she has been borrowing her moms bike and coming out with me for rides and its nice to have her along with me, its almost like a mini vacation from the kids which is nice sometimes. Riding with wify brings up some interesting conversations as well.

I am a HUGE Queen fan, I listen to old Queen songs all of the time and was talking to wify while listening to fat bottomed girls yesterday and she asks out of the blue "Am I a fat bottomed girl?" and after a short pause and a grin from me she laughed and realized that she had put me in that place that husbands never want to be, I mean how do you answer that? "Ya sure are honey!" or "yes" can get the response "so what are you saying? that I have a fat ass?" or perhaps "did you just call me fat?" and then on the other side of the coin we have the "nope" to which the reply might be "so are you saying that you don't like my ass?" so I told her that I would have to think about that question and get back to her, but anyways to my point.

I think a lot of things that are exactly the same can be completely different to different people and what dictates how it is seen is that persons outlook. Weight loss is what it is, the basic concept is to eat for fuel instead of eating for sport, some people look at it this way "You mean I get to eat grilled chicken and sweet potatoes as much as I want? woohoo!" and others see it in a different light "All I get to eat is grilled chicken and sweet potatoes? no way I can do that" I can grill chicken about 10 different ways and it always has just about the same calories in it and never boring so I fall into the first group, I LOVE grilled chicken! its sort of like that comparison about two people that work in a place that has a dress code, the first guy sees it as "I have to get dressed up every day in this monkey suit just to talk to customers? bleh!" where as the second guy sees it as "wow! I get to go to work dressed up in nice clothes every day, man that's gonna help me out in the women dept!" the way things are perceived can make all the difference in the world and if you look at losing weight as something that is hard, or something that you do not want to do guess what? It WILL be a difficult road to walk down, if you look at it for what it is, the task becomes easier than you expected it to be and you will be successful in dropping the pounds.

This post felt a bit random again, I guess its a random kind of week for me, I am happy with the weigh in this morning even though it is still higher than my lowest weight it is much lower than it was last week and within a pound of my pre vacation weight. I do not feel like "Man! I had to RE-lose that weight! Gah!!" because thats just the way life works, there will be ups and there will be downs but as long as the reigns stay in my hand and I control the ups I am doing what I need to do and better health will follow.

The last thing that I will do in this post is answer wify, YES you ARE a fat bottomed girl, and I love me some fat bottomed girls so there!

Now to wait for the next inquiry "honey you said that you love you some fat bottomed girls, whats that S about?"

Thanks for following and drink that water up!

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  1. I had to laugh about your chat with your wife about "fat bottomed girls" because it sounds like a conversation my husband and I have had in the past. He just tells me I'll never lose my ass lol and I'm ok with that as long as I lose some of it lol.

    It is all about how people see things for sure. Hubby and I feel like we're on a date just going to the grocery store lol. Glad you were happy with your weigh-in.

  2. My wife loves to make me squirm like that. I had an event last night at her workplace---they hired me to MC an event---anyway, She mentioned that in my tuxedo I would be one of the sexiest men in the casino. I said the same thing to her. Bad move. Her reply: Oh really, "one of, huh?" I said..."But you said the same thing to me right? She claims she said "the sexiest guy in the casino." Anyway...Had to squirm a little there!

    Great post!


  3. Thanks for this post - its just what I needed to see after seeing a 4.8 pound gain after a weekend away - it is just another bump on life's journey.

    BTW - you and my hubby would get along great - he's a fat bottom girl lover too, so afraid I will lose all of mine...and I will if I have my way ; )