Monday, July 27, 2009

Da Doc..

Moving right along, I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat and the under side of my tongue was sore (I will leave it at that because the visual is not fun) and long story short I just got home from my Doc's office and I have a bacterial infection in my throat and under my tongue so I am on some antibiotics and sucking on zinc lozenges. Now that my bad weekend is out of the way its back to the grind of dropping weight and getting healthier over all and I have decided to do a few things that I have not been doing on the blog in a while.

I am going to start posting up my menus again because doing so helped me have a snap shot of how things were going intake wise and though I do believe that I have learned how to feed myself with portion sizes that cater to the new way I live my life I also see myself being easier on myself where taking an extra bite of something goes. Another thing that I am going to start doing is the challenge posts again, and if you are fairly new to the blog let me explain what that is exactly. Sometimes (usually when I am feeling unstoppable) I would post up a regular old post but at the end state that for every comment that I got on said post that I would do X amount of push ups or that I would ride an extra 2 minutes on my stationary bike or some other random exercise based challenge. I feel that when I did those that it kept me mindful of my intake and exercise for that week because I had to leave enough in me to complete whatever the challenge was and that is a positive thing so they will come back this week with a Friday challenge post to go with the weigh in this week.

Over all things are going well in my world and I am planning on a bike ride this afternoon with wify despite the humidity, This entire week looks to be high 80's low 90's and pea soup humid so summer has finally arrived. Keeping hydrated will be especially important but the exercise has to continue so that the weight keeps coming down, which has sort of become secondary in this whole lifestyle change for me at this point. Getting healthy and being able to do things physically that I was unable to do just a short time ago seems to be the main focus for me currently and that's just fine because I believe the two go hand in hand, which is not to say that I am not trying to lose more weight because I am.

This week should be interesting because I plan on pushing myself through the humidity and sore throat but it is what it is and I gotsta keep going.

Drink plenty and remember that YOU are the one calling the shots where your health goes so when its a success you know where to point the finger, just don't forget the other side of that coin if you do not do your part.

As Ever


  1. I haven't visited here in so long so it's a pleasant shock to see how far you've come along on your 'trip to the half'.
    You've never given up and THAT in itself is amazing. You had a long way to go when you started and it must've seemed at times that you couldn't do it or that it wouldn't happen.
    and now look at you!
    you are a living inspiration that whatever we work for with dedication and hard work we can achieve.

  2. Hope you get to feeling better.

  3. I agree with Karen. I just started reading again recently, and its a pleasure to still doing great, and your excellent attitude going strong.

    Hope the throat heals, and thanks, as always for the water reminder.

    All my best!