Friday, July 3, 2009

Priceless!! and I forgot to weigh in this morning...

I have been pretty busy today and it dawned on me that it is Friday and I did not weigh myself when I woke up, ooops! I will weigh in tomorrow morning Saturday July 4th and post the results up, I do not expect to have dropped weight this week as I have been neglecting my exercise but the post will be here tomorrow morning for your viewing pleasure.

I do have to post up a picture though, and here is the back story. When I was about 20 years old I got my first "real job" and on that job we ruined clothing so the boss bought us company tee shirts with a logo on them (which photo shopped off of the shirt for the pic) so that we did not have to ruin our own clothing and the biggest size that he could get at the time was a 3xl and I was starting to push a 4xl but he bought the shirts anyways. I have always said that I would fit into one of those shirts one day and I held onto one for all these years, so we are talking about a 16 year old tee shirt here! but since I didn't wear it, it is brand new unlike the others that have long been cut into rags. Jan 2008 I tried this shirt on just for a reference and it would pull over my chest but no further, kind of looked like a tank top on a woman! I decided that it would be my "goal shirt" and back into the closet it went. I was just at Walmart to pick up a cooler and wify said "go grab a pair of jeans, they carry your size" so I figured why not "just to see" if a 42 waist fits and I grabbed a pair of jeans and we finished our errands and home we went, when I tried them on and they fit, I decided to grab that old tee shirt out of the closet and see how things went. It is not the most flattering photo, I need a shave on both my head and face but I just had to post it up.

Old work Shirt from 16 years ago $0.00
Pair of 42/32 jeans from Walmart $8.00
Bag of BIC disposable razors $6.89
Having it all fit? PRICELESS!

The jeans look a little bit, how do I say? not baggy enough? for me so do think I will return them and grab a pair of carpenter jeans or something less straight legged but the 42/32 fit perfectly! thats down from a size 56 pushing a 58! (I wear my pants below my gut, if they are worn above surely this number would be much greater) that's 7 whole sizes! or more than 14 inches off of my waistline since Jan 2008. The tee shirt is a little snug for my liking and I don't think that I would wear a shirt froma company that I don't work for out or anything it does fit and I honestly thought this shirt would fit me at my goal weight.

All of that paired with the new bike bottle and bike computer that I bought has left me in a good mood for the evening. Wify wants me to watch all of the Harry Potter movies (am I the only person that has not seen them?) so that we can go see the new one and we are starting the first one tonight so it looks like my weekend is off to a good start regardless what that scale says in the am.

Thanks for reading, drink that H2O and keep on keepin on and all that.

As Ever


  1. Too tight? I totally disagree.

  2. I agree with GadgetGirl. You are just not used to clothes that fit you correctly. What's Wify say?

  3. I have been fighting the Potter for years!

  4. I agree with Nancy and GadgetGirl, the pants look good. Congrats on losing the weight - you have done so awesome!

  5. I agree too that the jeans look fine.

    You know I've never seen the Harry Potter movies either.

    You are doing great, glad you're enjoying your bike.

  6. It's amazing how much i relate to nearly everything you write about.
    I too have been given company clothing in the past that didn't fit and was never worn. I never understood why they kept buying them for me!!
    And seriously, you look amazing in the pic! Look how far you've come my friend!! BUT---I'm like you---I've never liked clothing that "clings." I have a real hangup wearing stuff that "fits" because it feels too clingy...but Irene and everyone else tells me it looks wonderful. I'm MC'ing an event this weekend, it started today. When I arrived, they gave me a t-shirt to wear with the logo and design for the event. It fit, but I felt really wierd wearing it without an "over-shirt." After standing there obsessing over it, I finally went to my vehicle and put on the over shirt. I'm just not all the way "there" yet, you know? I'll get there, I will, but these insecurities in clothing and appearance are tough things to overcome. But I shall overcome!

    My best always...again, you look fantastic---and I'm so happy for you!


  7. Wow! That is sooo awesome for you. Keep at it, man, and some day that old t-shirt will hit the rag bag, too.

  8. wow, jeans for less than 10 bills. I just went shopping and the cheapest were aound 60usd. And the smallest waist was 36 straight leg.

    You are looking great.

    Good luck to you

  9. you look great! What an inspiration to many many others......Keep up the good work.

  10. Holy cow, skinny minny! I'm very impressed! How neat to fit into your "goal shirt!!" Yay for you! ;)