Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gut wrenching

I wanted to post up a short post even though I do not feel like writing right this second, last night I had terrible stomach cramps that would make a silverback gorilla cry for his mommy, I know that I was. it came on suddenly and stayed for 2 hours or so right at bed time, laying down hurt so I sat up and ended up falling asleep that way for about 30 minutes only to be woken up by my daughter calling for mommy and thank god that she did because my back was now sore from the position that I had fallen asleep in, long story short at that point the stomach pain had gone away but now my lower back hurt and still hurts as I write this. I ran out for some veggies and a few other things at the supermarket this morning and I could feel my back getting worse as I walked around so I cut the trip short and here I am home again relaxing on the couch with my laptop where else? in my lap and I figured I would post up a quick glance at my night and morning.

The lower back pain is at my point of injury and is not muscular and mostly a pinch at this point and hopefully it goes away fast but I think I am going to hold off on W3D2 of the couch to 5k thang until tomorrow night and then I will run the 3rd day on Saturday. Now I know that some of you are probably thinking "oh dear, he is going to run and has back pain?" No I am not, with the injury that I got about 8 years ago the pain comes, it lasts as long as its going to last and it goes away and feels 100% until the next episode, if I did nothing because I had pain the day before, well, I would do nothing at all...ever! all it means is that I wait for tomorrow night to do day 2.

Otherwise everything is on track, my calories are good and I am drinking more than enough fluids so I am hydrated, I have no clue what that gut wrenching stomach ache was all about but I do hope that it never happens again! it is something that I will have to keep my eye on because I cannot think of anything that I ate yesterday that was any different than how I always eat. On played the band and everything kept going, I am excited to be on week 3 and look forward to my run tomorrow night if not slightly disapointed at the fact that I am not running tonight but it is what it is.

Keep on keepin on and all that.

As Ever


  1. Feel better! When you injure your back, it seems to haunt you forever...or is that just me? I am still dealing with an injury from years ago, it flares up every now and then for aawhile, then it goes away for awhile.

    take good care of yourself.......

  2. I feel for you man. Stomach pain is tough to deal with. Take care of your back too, you sure don't need to invite more injury to it.

  3. definitely take care of yourself and take time off.

    Im with Fatty in that unlike so many other body areas it seems like back issues lay dormant for a bit and then come back with a vengeance...

  4. Get to feeling better. You're a weight loss star my friend!

    My best always,