Monday, June 1, 2009

C25K start and a lot on my mind.

Today is the day that I am planning on starting the C25K program and I woke up with a sore back but I am running anyways. I am planning on doing my runs in the evening and because of that I will have to post how each run went on the day after the run. I may add a C25K ticker or tracker on the side bar but I have not decided on that just yet and you will see it appear one day if I decide on doing that. Besides tracking my time etc for this program I want to track the distance that I go each day as well as how I felt during the run so that I can see if my pace is getting faster or slower each day, I am sure there will be an excel sheet snapshot posted after I get it made and some data into it.

My plan of attack is that I have no plan, I am just going to start walking and when the guy on the podcast says run I will do it and see how well I fare. a while back just for fun while I was walking I timed out week one and almost completed the whole thing without any real issues but I have not been riding my bike and only walking for exercise so I do not know if that will effect the way I feel tonight when I do day 1 week 1, all I can hope for is that I complete the entire 30 minutes. I did not exercise all weekend, I did not do anything that would even remotely be considered exercise honestly so I should be fresh for this new routine.

Since I mentioned the weekend I want to share how it went, Friday my sheet says 1370 calories but we went to the drive in theater and I had a small apple and a big bowl of pop corn (air popped from home) during the movie so I am slightly over maybe by 150 or so if my estimate is right. Saturday was fine and well where intake was concerned and a quick look at my excel sheet says that I had 1695 calories so I was within the limit and the weekend was off to a good start. Sunday I did not count my calories and I know that I went over, by how much I am unsure, my Father stopped by along with a couple of wifys friends and we cooked chicken and fish out on our grill, we had corn a salad some watermelon and corn tortillas & salsa with dinner out on the picnic table. I decided that I would load up on fruits early in the day because I knew that I was going to eat some fish (it was fried) and ate nothing but apples, oranges and bananas before dinner. I drank enough fluid all weekend and on Sunday I drank more than 2 gallons between my green tea and straight H2O so I stayed hydrated throughout the weekend and all but Sunday was decent on the calories.

Starting C25K is a step into uncharted territory for me and not only since losing the weight, I have run randomly throughout my life but I have never really run further than a mile straight in a row and the thought of running more than 3 miles is a bit daunting to me. A lot of the people that might be reading this right now that run 1/2 marathons or 10k's or even 5k's may be thinking "a 5k daunting?" To that I answer yes! I am the fella that less than a year and a half ago could not walk 200 feet without pain in his back, sweat spraying out of every pour sounding like a heavy breathing prank caller and I can honestly remember having the thought "why would anyone want to walk unless absolutely necessary" Now I am going to try and run 5 kilometers in a row? I recently walked 5k all at one time so the natural thing in my mind is to now run it.

If I when I pull this 5k thing off I will be crossing a line that I have never had the privilege of being on the other side of physically, and honestly I think there will be a mental line being crossed at the same time, if it has not already been surpassed. Imagine going from a state of mind where I created an animosity for people who could would walk any distance further than me to the mindset that I am in currently where I am actually thinking about running a 5k distance as a stepping stone to distances beyond that, I have not yet run a single mile yet and here I am thinking about going further than 5k already.

Today I leave you with a quote.

"Sanity may be madness but the maddest of all is to see life as it is and not as it should be"
~Don Quixote~

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  1. Love the thin man inside the heavy man....interesting.

    You always do so good. I like to look at your menus.

    I am sure you'll achieve this 5K goal as well.

  2. I just want to do this too. So where did you find a podcast for this? Maybe I will go look for one. I really hate walking/jogging on the treadmill but didn't know how I would do the C25K outside, a podcast would definitely do the trick. Good luck with this, I'm rooting for you, I know you can do it. I totally agree that accomplishing this will have you crossing a mental line as well as a physical one.

  3. Hey you,

    I'm starting the C25K program as well..Jun 15 is official day. like you, I've barely ran a mile in my life so this will be interesting.. i'm planning to run with a couple of friends...anyway GOOD LUCK!!

  4. You are 100% right - there is a line being crossed besides the finish line - you will be so amazed at how much different you feel about things!

    You will be a RUNNER!!