Friday, June 26, 2009

Weigh in, no bells, no whistles.

Weigh in day just sort of popped in on me this week with the still feeling under the weather, only running on Monday so far this week and the stomach pains I haven't been paying attention to the days, but its Friday so I must step on the scale. Getting right to the point I will say that I am up 1 pound this week and I am not really surprised and do not think that its a true gain, I have not been drinking as I should and exercise this week was limited to the one run on Monday and I swam last night for a little bit which was fun but not a whole lot of exercise this week. I did stay within my calories all week besides the night that the wrench was in my gut when I had a coke and a hard roll to try and calm my belly ache but otherwise like I said pretty good.

I am not a strong swimmer at all, which is the complete opposite of my fish of a wife and last night she explained how a back stroke SHOULD look and I basically swam the same 40 feet back and fourth until it felt semi natural to me, how it looked may be another story but she said that I was doing fine and my form, yeah we will call it form, looked good but she may have been being nice. I can feel it in my shoulders and a bit this morning but its a good soreness and only very slight, she wants to start swimming more often again since its warmed up outside and I don't see why I couldn't use that time to learn how to swim a bit better while getting some extra exercise into my days.

My running, I decided not to run W3D2 last night because my stomach was feeling a bit less than it should have and I figured splashing in the water with the kids would still be exercise without having to exert myself possibly to the point of puking. I am extremely anxious to get back on schedule with the C25K program and actually plan on running tonight as long as the bubbleguts stays away. This week has been a little off the beaten path because of me getting rid of the remnants of my daughters illness, that stomach pain and the lack of a solid exercise regimen but I can see the light through the woods ahead and when I get there its Forest Gump time once again, I really want to get through C25K because running a continuous 5k I think will be Uplifting to say the least.

With that the end comes to a Friday weigh in post, make sure to drink that H2O and remember that no one can do the work for you, so get on up and do it.

As Ever


  1. Like you said, it probably wasn't a true gain. the exercise in the pool is awesome. I can't even imagine actually running a 5K without stopping. Wow...

    you're awesome.

  2. Dear Tony: I found your awesome blog from SparkPeople, and I just wanted to tell you that I am reading it from Day One, and it's like reading an inspiring book! I liked the weird "Alice in Wonderland" painting and thought you might like my artwork. I am an artist/musician in Somerville, MA. You can see/hear my stuff at

    Ask your doc about the stomach pains; after I lost weight, I had some episodes of severe gastric distress (i.e., puking) after eating fatty/rich meals at weddings! My friend who had the same experience had a gallstone diagnosis.

    I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your blog. I love it!

  3. I love to swim, but like you, I am not a natural swimmer. It sounds like your wife is a good resource though. Don't worry to much about the gain. You see what you did wrong, and I have no doubt you are going to correct it. Make it a great week!