Thursday, June 11, 2009

C25k and 200 pounds lost, will tomorrows weigh in be the day I hit the mark?!

Things have been going pretty good this week, but yesterday was pretty stressful (non weight loss related) and I did not feel like running W2D2 of C25K because I got home late which meant a later than normal dinner (7:45PM I finished dinner) and I usually run around 8:30PM so I was thinking about skipping it. I did end up going out for day 2 and when the time for the first interval came around I began running and quite literally felt like I was shuffling along and thought about stopping and calling it a night. I figured I would at least go to the second interval before I let that happen so I did and when it came time to run again I was taking large strides and felt pretty good about continuing on and by the third interval had forgotten all about what was stressing me out. I was ahead of my fastest pace and I knew this by the 5th interval because I ended the 5th where I began the 6th on day 1 of week 2. I started interval number 6 and it was on a spot that dips down pretty steep and then gets steep uphill so I had to run on that uphill portion but I convinced myself that it was the last interval and I could push myself on it so I did and ended up going 2.212 total miles last night and felt good at the end of the run, though I still find myself questioning Mr.Ullrey's ability to count to 90 seconds at times during the running portions of the program.

Now that the C25K report is out of the way I am thinking about the weigh in tomorrow, will it be the day that I join that 200 pounds lost club? will I be a part of that crowd that can say "I lost 200 pounds" on pure determination (does that club even exist?) will I prove myself wrong? once upon a time I said "no one can lose 200 pounds just by eating right and exercising" that was fat Tony talking, or should I say "fatter Tony" because I am not quite the svelte specimen of a young man that I would like to be just yet, but either way will tomorrow be that day? I sure would like it to be, because its going to be hard to cancel the fireworks show that I have arranged! 527 days ago I decided to get healthy, that's slightly more than 17 months ago and I am on the edge of having lost 200 total pounds, did I mention that I am amazed by this? yes I think that I did but I wanted to say it again.

Intake for Wednesday was 1695 total calories and I drank just under 1 gallon of green tea and 1.5 gallons of straight H2O, exercise for the day was W2D2 of the couch to 5k program. Things are right where they should be lately with diet and exercise and I am happy with the direction I am heading with the running, the only question left is will tomorrow be THE day that I hit that 200 pounds lost mark? since I am not stepping onto a scale until then, both you and me will have wait until then to find out.

Don't forget to drink that big ol glass of H2o that you just earned for reading through all of my morning ramblings, and keep in mind that if I can do this weight loss thang, you can do it as well.

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  1. Good luck on your weigh in tomorrow! Fingers know, on the hand not holding the water. =)

  2. You can do it! You have proven it thus far, and Tony, you have every right to be amazed - you have achieved what so many have desired. And have shown the doubters and naysayers that, yes, it can be done. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Best of luck tomorrow!

  4. Good luck tomorrow! Way to go on doing W2D2, I'm going to do mine tonight. I hope I'm as dedicated as you. I'll be doing it at the gym though so no hills, those are tough.

  5. Yes, good luck to you. 200 is a nice round whole number. What a great milestone. It is not a matter of IF but When.

    good luck to you.

  6. Good luck with the weigh in tomorrow - 200 pounds, how awesome!

  7. woot :) good luck tomorrow sir not that you need it though... 200 pounds lost what an achievement believe me...

    well done on the upcoming loss :)