Friday, June 19, 2009

Weighing in on weighing in....again...

Friday has come and I have not exercised all week because of this chest congestion and sore throat that I have been dealing with, I put C25K on hold all week but I kept the intake where it needs to be and decided early on in the week that I would be happy this week if I could hold onto the loss from last week without a gain. I will get right to it and say that I am down 1.4 pounds from last Friday coming in at 333.0 pounds, I must say that I am pleased with that as a loss is a loss in my book. This week brings the objects that I weigh as much as I do and as much as I have lost back and with that have a look.

This Kawasaki Ninja 250R weighs in at 333 pounds which is of course the same as yours truly.

This little Matrix scooter comes in at 201 pounds and is what I have lost so far.

201 pounds gone and another 58 to go to hit my goal of weighing 275 pounds, My best guess would never have had me at more than 200 pounds lost at this juncture of my journey, in fact when I began I thought that 100 pounds in the first year would have been pushing it. I struggle with the fact that I am more than 200 pounds lighter than I was a short time ago where how I look enters the picture. Walking through Walmart last night I saw a fella whom I thought was my approximate size and sized him up a bit thinking about how he and I were comrades in fat floating through the store together so I asked Wify "How close to that guys size am I?" just to get confirmation on my thought. Wify looked at me as if I had a turnip growing out of my forehead and said "You are not even close to his size" so I took another glance but what I saw was me again, "Are you sure you are not just being nice?" I asked her and she then just said "Shut up Tony, stop playing dumb, you are not even close" in that way that only a loving wife could say it, From her answer I have to believe her but at the same time he was honestly how I see myself, so maybe I need to face the fact that I have lost a lot of weight.

I think a lot of people have the issue of not being able to see the weight loss even though it may be obvious to most people, I mean I know that I am not thin by any stretch of the word but I may not be considered HUGE to all people now either. I bought a shirt recently and tried it on last night and felt that it was too tight on me so I of course asked for Wify's opinion and she said "I know that you don't like when your shirts touch your belly but that one just looks like it fits" of course I had to have her take pictures from all sides so that I could determine whether I would be comfortable wearing this new shirt outside the house and of course it looked just fine on me, when will this unsure feeling go away? Honestly, I am still 333 pounds so it isn't like I am small or something so there is some weight behind how I feel but how will I feel at 275 pounds? or even 250 pounds? is Wify doomed am I doomed to taking pictures of my self in new clothing for eternity? or does this go away? hopefully the latter but right now I still feel like my old rotund self more often than not when I try on anything new or see other big people.

With all of that said, I am a different person than I was 17 months ago, I am more than 200 pounds lighter than I was 17 months ago, I am going to drive my beautiful wife nuts with my ever growing insanity and obsession with weight loss and better health, I am going to weigh less than 275 pounds sooner than later.

Try and stop me, go ahead I dare ya.

As Ever


  1. You need a makeover day. That's what a gal would do. Go buy some new clothes, get a pedicure (guys do this too!) and a hair cut and a massage or something. Really spiff yourself up and take your wife someplace nice. You will look smooth and you'll feel great and it will start to sink in when you buy new clothes THAT much smaller than you were.
    I think it's awesome how well you are doing. Keep it up!

  2. C'mon, Tony - let's see the pix! I'll bet you look awesome!

  3. 200 lbs? It's almost inconceivable.

    Keep up the incredible work, my man.

  4. Great post. Liked the weight comparisons....funny.

  5. Congradulations on getting to 201 lbs. lost. It's hard to adjust to our new size. I find it hard to adjust to a 30lb lost, so I can't imagine how it must be to lose 200lbs. I agree with Shannon that you've gotta get some new fitting clothes, it will definitely help because so long as we're wearing the baggy clothes we can't see what we REALLY look like. To add to your what 201 lbs looks like, you can add my husband. A 6'4" tall man. You lost a whole freaking man!

    I find that game of "Do I look like that guy?" is a dangerous one. I've never ever picked someone who looks like me, and when my DH says okay that person.. I never believe him and figure he's being nice. When he turned it on me and made me pick someone I thought he looked like, I realized just how hard it is to find someone with the same body type and it's pretty stressful because you don't know how that person will react.

    You have a great blog here.. I've been reading for awhile now but never commented until now. You're doing an AMAZING job and are an inspiration to so many of us!

  6. Excellent! It will take your eyes and brain a while to catch up to where your body actually is but they will catch up. I agree about getting clothes that fit you NOW, even if you have to hit the thrift stores. You more than deserve that!

  7. I can relate very well with this post. After losing 176 pounds so far, it's really hard to accept my smaller size. I don't know if it's about accepting it, maybe believing it. I posted a "before" and "in progress" picture comparison the other night and it blew me away...both of 'em did. I didn't ever think I looked that big and I don't feel like I'm that small. Our brains have been trained for so long, it's going to take a while to untrain them for reality.
    Your wife sounds like mine and you sound like me. She's always trying to get me to wear things that just fits. I've always wanted loose and comfy. I'm wearing a shirt right now that I wouldn't normally because it feels "clingy," I don't like that...But my wife and daughters tell me it looks good, I guess I'll take their word for it.

    Love reading your blog and being able to relate to your experience. The two of us are never going back to that prison!

    My best always,

    Sean Anderson
    The Daily Diary of A Winning Loser

  8. HOLY MOLY!! I'm so glad to hear that the weight continues to melt away! Great news!! Way to go, buddy. :D