Friday, June 5, 2009

Weigh in, into the 330's he goes! 200 pounds lost is almost here..

Weighing in has almost become secondary to me because of the C25K program, I have convinced myself that it does not matter whether I lose or not this week and maybe that is what I needed to get me in a downward direction again. Last week I was 341.4 pounds which was up from my lowest weight as well as up from the week before, this morning I woke up and I weighed 339.6 pounds! I am back into the 330's and I must say that it was a pleasant surprise this morning because I was not expecting a loss with all of the soreness. Today I am 1.8 pounds lighter than I was last week, with that I am stronger physically because the soreness in my muscles means that I am building muscle and pushing myself past where I was before I started running which will set the mood for my day quite nicely.

One bag of flour away from 200 pounds lost.

My calories came in at 1725 for Thursday and I drank more than a gallon of green tea along with about a gallon of straight H2O and a Fuze fruit punch man are those things good, and exercise was absent besides all of the stretching that I did. Over all I am feeling good but still seem pretty sore, I am suppose to run W1D3 tonight but I may put it off until tomorrow night just to give myself an extra day rest for the soreness to go down a bit, I haven't decided which I will do and the decision will purely be based on how I feel tonight when the time comes.

With this weeks weigh in I am again within 5 pounds of having lost 200 total pounds and this is something that I have not really focused on for the past month because of the docs orders for me not to run/bike and it seems that as soon as I started back in on the exercise the weight came back down. Will this be the week that I join the ranks of the few that can proclaim losing 200 plus pounds by making healthy choices in food and adding some exercise to their days? I certainly hope so. This week is doubly positive for me with the start of C25K and now dropping back into the 330's bringing be within 5 pounds of that double century mark, this time the difference is that I am cleared for exercise so I'm just going to say it Nothing can stop me now!

A good week for sure, the only thing left to do is duplicate it again this week so that's the plan. Don't forget that big ol glass of H2o for reading all of the way through this post and remember that you are the one that decides what you do with your time, sit on the couch? complain how hard everything is? eat chocolate when you feel sad? or make good food choices and exercise daily, it really is up to you, make the choice.

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  1. Way to go on the lose this week. So close to 200 lbs gone forever, that is terrific. I'm sure you'll have a great week. I do think having a mission (goal) makes moving down the scale easier. I'm back to the C25K too and I'm doing more cardio now which is a good thing. Thanks for remotivating me.

  2. Good job on the weight loss. And you're right - it IS all about choices. Vee at www.veegetting

  3. That is great. Imagine, you have lost the equiv. weight of a high school baseball player. It is amazing.

    You are a great inspiration.


  4. Wow, that's amazing. Good for you!

  5. How awesome to read of your success! 200 pounds is just incredible! Keep up the good work!