Tuesday, June 2, 2009

C25K Week 1 Day 1 complete and a report!

C25K week one day one complete! I have started down a path that I hope brings me the ability to run a complete 5 kilometers straight. It has begun, right now as I type this I am still sweaty but feel good, the first 3 intervals I did not feel one bit and was starting to get cocky but then I think it was the 4th interval I hit the spot on the route that I chose that I was hoping would be a walking segment but I was not that lucky. Bamn! the steepest part of the walk/run and Robert (hey I am on a first name basis with him now) says to run! so I started chugging up the hill and about 30 seconds into this interval I glanced over my shoulder and my cockiness was sitting on the side of the road panting and told me to go on without him, so I did. In all honesty I felt good during the entire run and probably could have done a 9th interval but then I did leave Mr.Cocky on the road side so I best close my pie hole about that! Where I have to run is pretty hilly and I think that will work to my advantage because I will have to work harder than if I was on a treadmill, I have 2 different directions that I can go and one is as hilly as the next. The fact that I am running on hills is something that I did not want to deal with but seeing that I did ok on my first time out I am kind of happy that there are hills, I think it will make me a better runner in the long run.

Ok onto some details, I ran/walked 2.049 miles in the 29.45 minutes that week one takes to complete, that's just over 4mph if I did my math right. Like I mentioned the first 3 intervals were very easy but after I hit that steep spot I knew that it was a workout and was sweating pretty good but I felt good throughout the entire process. At one point I thought about how not so long ago when I could not make that quarter mile walk to see a broken bridge and here I am starting a 5k running program @just about 340 pounds, my how times have changed.

Onto the regular stuff, I had 1690 total calories for the day and I drank just under 2 gallons of fluid, 1 gallon of green tea and the rest was straight H2O, I wanted to make sure that I was hydrated because of the start of C25K yesterday. Exercise was the start of C25K and well, I already covered that so I won't go further than that. over all it was a good day and I am actually looking forward to Day 2 of the program, I am very curious to see if I am sore for the next run and I am going to attempt to improve the distance every time I go out so that should be fun.

The above was written almost immediately after I ran last night, from here on is this morning and after a nights sleep I feel good, I can feel that I did something that is not routine with my exercise but I woke up feeling good, no soreness at all. I am planning on doing some calisthenics and light weights today as exercise but the C25K plan calls for no running today so I am going to obey that and go as far as to not walk either, so a weight day it shall be.

With week one day one (W1D1) under my belt I am on my way to running a 5k race, let us hope that my joints and physical hold together for the ride. I have had my oil checked and filled my tires to the proper foot pounds, I am using premium gasoline now and the tune up from the doc should be what I need to keep the miles rolling in so now I will hope that it all holds together as I advance through the program. I have decided that I am going to add up the miles that I run/walk from here on out and create a map to see how long it takes me to run to CA from CT so look for that in the future as well as all of the normal things that I have always posted on this blog.

We will call that the end of the post, so as your reward for reading the whole thing go grab yourself a big ol glass of H2O! if you think that you are too out of shape to do any exercise keep in mind that I am just about 340 pounds currently, I was 534 pounds at the start of my weight loss program and I have just started a running program aimed at getting me running five kilometers straight, still think that you can't exercise? I think that its all a matter of how you look at it, now get up off of your ass!

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  1. Wow man, my first visit to your blog. Found you at AndrewIsGettingFit. Yours is an amazing journey! Enjoy the running - it will be addictive I assure you!

    Another Andrew!

  2. Way to go on day 1. Sounds like it was a great success. When I was out for my walk/jog last night I did more jogging thinking about my own start to another try at the C25K.

  3. Loved this post. You are kicking ASS. Good for you....thanks for all your inspiration. Cause if you can do, so can I!

  4. Awesome! I am starting C25K today too, which is how I found your blog while searching. I'm about 50lbs overweight, so we'll see how it goes! I'll definitely be following your journey!

  5. Great job man! I'm about to start day one today- but I found a great podcast with songs with actual WORDS on them! I googled c25k podcasts- there are a few out there :)

    Just in case Robert starts to get on your nerves lol ;)