Friday, May 29, 2009

The Scale...

Today is Friday and we know what that means, its time to see what the scale says and just as suspected I did not see a loss this week, I did in fact see a small gain. Last week I was at 340.2 pounds and this week I was 341.4 so just over a 1 pound gain for me this week but I am ok with that because it is what it is and this is not an over night process. I have seen ups and obviously seen downs since starting but the over all vibe has been and will remain me getting healthier and stronger.

The scale, this inanimate object becomes the bane of so many people trying to drop a few pounds, it also becomes the light in the dark to many others when a lower number flashes across the display on that magical day of the week that is chosen to record progress. The scale has no feelings, it has no care about what the display says, it merely records what it feels step onto it at that magical hour. We as people losing weight rely on our scale to tell us how we are doing, we rely on that cold piece of metal and plastic with a bit of electronics tossed in to tell us "ya done good" and sometimes when is doesn't we feel like killing the messenger. It is important to see the scale move down BUT it is not the only thing that is important, in the last couple weeks my weight seems to have stalled (I am sure that this week will be different) but in those same weeks I have walked more on average than I have since starting on this weight loss regimen, so I could say that my walking has improved instead of saying that I did not lose any weight this week, its all how you look at it.

My calories for yesterday came in at 1660 and I got in 2 gallons of fluids, 1 gallon of Green tea and 1 gallon of straight H2O. It did rain all day so I did not get out for a walk because I had my daughter all day and I won't make her walk in the rain with me so I did not get any exercise into yesterday. Have a look at yesterdays menu, I think it was decently balanced if a little light on protein.


8:00 AM
2 multigrain english muffins 200
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70
2 wedges laughing cow 70
tomato/pickle 20

11:00 AM
small apple 80

12:15 PM
1 lavash bread 100
4.5 oz Capicola 225
1 T Miracle whip 35
lettuce/tomato 35

2:00 PM
1 orange 65

5:45 PM
4 slices whole wheat bread 280
6 slices turkey bacon 210
lettuce/tomato 40
miracle whip 50
1 pretzel rod 35

8:15 PM
small apple 80
1 orange 65

Over all I am ok with how the week went besides breaking my stationary bike anyways and I am planning on starting the C25K program come Monday I am also thinking about maybe making a section on the side bar to record progress etc but that will be decided later. I am up one pound this week from last and up three pounds from my lowest 2 weeks ago, the plan is to get below where I was at my lowest for this week and I have a feeling that as long as I start C25K on Monday that I will be able to get there. I am going to make a push for that 200 pounds lost this week but honestly most of my focus will be on the C25K program for the next couple of weeks and I think that the second part of the equation will happen as a result.

With that the plan is in place and the post comes to an end, make sure you get that H2O into your day, that's all I got for this morning.

As Ever


  1. Good for you. You have such a positive outlook on this journey. It's really inspiring to read your blog. :-)

  2. I think about you from time to time during the day, about how much liquid you drink during the day - a gallon of water AND a gallon of green tea?!?! I'm thinking I need to step it up.

    Vee at

  3. I know how it is the be up a little from the lowest but it's true we just have to keep pushing forward and the scale always doesn't reflect our hard work right away. Hopefully you'll have a good week next weigh-in.

  4. Don't you HATE when you are so close to a "mark" and you just can't quite get there????

    I had that happen when I was hitting the "100lbs lost" mark, and now again when I'm trying to hit 130 lbs lost (which would put me below 200 lbs)!
    I weigh 203 one week, 204, the next, 203 the next..ARGH!!

    But, both of us just need to keep on keeping on, right? We'll get there when we're suppose to get there!

    I'm 20 lbs from goal! It's slow at this stage, but I feel great! Love your blog!!

  5. you really sound like you are doing everything right so just keep it up and next week you will OWN that scale!!!!!!

    Oh and because I am a big copycat and have since started drinking the green tea in huge quantites I do have a qustion BUT its about Wify... does she drink the tea like you? If so how much does she drink? I am curious. I think that the more tea I drink, the faster I lose and easier it is for me to keep the weight off.

  6. Hi Holly and Fellow Followers (oh, and Hubby)!!

    I don't drink as much, or as religously. Most of the time, I'll have a hot cup to replace the craving for a 2nd cup of coffee. I've been struggling with the electronic measurer of "sucess". This past month I have been trying to drop five lbs. I started the running, as mentioned, and I went from 172 to 178. The lowest number I've seen all month has been 175. So I'm putting the scale on hold for a month, and I'm going to calculate my success in running farther, faster and more often. At the end of the month, we'll see what the scale says then! Ha ha.

    I hate stalling. It's the most frustrating thing. And my Mr. Meatball has been doing a great job finding all his successes, from the veins appearing in his arms, to the increased amount of time chasing our daughter around the house. We're both enjoying our new successes every day, even if it's not the magic number of the day.


  7. Thanks for all of the comments guys :)

    Holly, even though she commented, the short answer is No she does not drink green tea like I do, she does have a cup now and again but its nothing regular like. I am glad that you are onto the tea thing :) I swear that its why I am losing how I do and can feel a difference when I don't have it.

    As Ever

  8. THANK YOU for writing back :)

    I was wondering about the tea because about three months ago I noticed I gained about 15lbs. It seemed like it happened overnight but in reality I had become very, very lax on the dieting front.

    SO after evaluating myself I notice that I had not been drinking enough fluids. I would start off great in the morning but then I would stop midday with the fluid intake. I wasn't thirsty so I didn't drink. BUT when I saw the scale rise and decided to watch my intake again I started the tea thing. SO it has been about two months and I am drinking about 1/2 gal of green tea a day and then only water and coffee in-between.

    The TEA works!! I am not really doing anything else differently but the TEA and I am down 10 of the 15lbs I gained.

    I notice when I work out I drink even more and I am losing even faster than ever before so I really think the tea is the answer. I try to do just like Tony and put one green tea bag and one black tea bag in a gallon jug and let it sit out and just drink away. Occasionally I put Splenda in it but not too often -- I save that for the coffee!!