Thursday, May 28, 2009

C25K start date and some random fat dude stuff.

This week flew by and I am pretty sure there will be no change in my weight, unless its up and last week I said that I was going to bust arse and get under that 200 pound lost mark but a few things happened that have hindered that push. This weekend was not the best in the world where eating was concerned which was my fault, and my back injury was acting up a bit, then there is the fact that the pedal came off of my bike again so I was without that as a tool. I did get in a few good solid 2-3 mile walks which I feel good about and I am planning on starting the C25K program on Monday and the docks seem to be clearing up the last two days so in the right direction we are headed but where tomorrows weigh in is concerned I just don't think I will be at a negative number.

My wife started C25K a few weeks ago and has been doing a great job with it, seeing her stick to it the way she has makes me want to do the program even more. The plan for me will be to do week one twice and then try and stick with each week once unless I am struggling more than I think that I will, I am going to try and catch up to Wify and where she is in the program and hope that we can run together at some point. One thing that is bothering me a bit with this running idea is the fact that I have some loose skin and it does move around when I run, I am planning on getting a compression shirt to wear under my tee shirt while running because its a bit uncomfortable the way it is currently, both physically and just knowing that its whipping around under my shirt like a couple of puppies fighting over a bone, a lovely visual I know but hey! I tell it like it is.

All of the walking that I have been doing over the past weeks I believe will help me complete the C25K program with success. Once upon a time I bought a pair of running shoes to walk in and after about a mile the balls of my feet would hurt thus ending the walk, then the old feets started realizing that I was not going to stop any time soon so they submitted and I could make it 1.5 miles with no worry about my feet hurting, and now a 3 mile walk has no ill effect on my dogs at all. Leaps and bounds ahead of where I once was I am going to begin running, I fully expect to hit some bumps but then what fun is anything that's a given right? a challenge is more rewarding than something that is handed to you on a platter, and when I run a continuous 5k distance I can think back to the days when walking upstairs to go to bed winded me and smile.

Whatever the scale tells me tomorrow will be fine by me, I do have a strong feeling that I won't be lighter than last week but then that doesn't matter so much to me anymore, I feel like I have hit a point where being able to do more physically is as important as the raw number of my weight and as long as that advances the weight will keep coming down.

That will bring us to the end of another post by the rambling fat dude, check me out tomorrow to see what the scale says to me, as I said I don't expect it to be lower but it is what it is.

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  1. Your posts crack me up. You also make me want' to go run! I don't run. I never have. I tried it once several years ago, when I was skinnier and fell flat on my front of my coworkers. But yesterday I started my Wii Active and there is running in place in that. I hate running in place, so I ran around the house. The TV kept telling me how great I was, and I got so pumped I almost ran out the door. Ok, not really...but your post makes me want to see if I can run down the block. LOL! Keep up the good work. I hope you catch up with your wife soon. That's motivation. Good luck tomorrow. Sometimes the scale with shock the pants off of you.

    Word Verification: twinit (as in I'm in win it) I thought that was funny.

  2. I'm thinking about starting the c25k as well, and I'm definitely NOT a runner. But i figure, if you could try it, so can i right? Good luck!

  3. Yea, you make me want to try the C25K again. I remember reading someone's blog that said just run slow, that it would almost feel like you weren't running and I have been doing that more and I find I can go longer. So I guess maybe I will start back up tomorrow. There I said it so I guess that makes it so lol.

    Since my surgery I've been wearing something under my clothes too to keep things from moving as much, it definitely helps but I must say it's HOT. I guess I should look for something lighter. I have to say too it tends to want to roll up when I'm jogging which I find annoying. Hope you find something that works well.