Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grilled Trout and an Eagle oh my!

My intake for Monday was spot on again coming in at 1665 and was pretty well rounded, I got in 1 gallon of green tea and 1/2 gallon of water as far as hydration goes that was on point as well. Earlier in the day the weather broke long enough for me to take the little one out on a walk around the lake and I went 1.7 miles @ a little faster than 3mph and that's just what I was going for so I am happy all the way around with how the day went.

During my walks I always bring my camera to cut down on those "man I wish I had my camera" moments and yesterday I was glad that I did. The lake I live on has an interesting animal that lives in the area and we sometimes have the pleasure of seeing it cruise around in the sky looking for fish in the lake and that animal is an American bald eagle. Yesterday while I was walking he flew over head and was pretty low so I pulled out my camera and zoomed in out and clicked off a couple of photos hoping to get lucky enough for a decent picture and I managed to get a picture so I thought I would share it, I zoomed in on the Eagle so that you could see it better and the photo is clickable to get a look at the larger photo.

Click the image for a full sized image.

For dinner I threw some trout that I caught on the grill and I have to say that everyone loved it! including wifys step dad that I invited over for dinner, it came out very good and 6oz worth only has 250 calories so its low calorie to boot. I prepared the fish with some black pepper, rosemary and some Grillmates Salmon seasoning, coated it in a very light coat of olive oil and straight onto the grill they went. For sides to this dish I made red potatoes seasoned with olive oil, rosemary, thyme and black pepper then placed into a 400 degree oven until they were brown and green beans with black pepper and Smart balance, simple right? I find that the simple ones are usually the best tasting ones and this will be my go to prep for trout from here on out. I snapped a picture of my plate before digging in so that I cold share here on the blog, have a look.

The blue plate does nothing to make this look better but here it is.

Everything that is happening this week is how it should be where losing weight is concerned so I am looking forward to Fridays weigh in number, I have walked almost every day, I am eating right and I am staying hydrated and that is the recipe for fat to burn. I feel good and am down in weight since Friday so off to a good start for my goal to hit 344 pounds this week, will it happen? it is a possibility but if it doesn't happen this week it will happen the next so no worries. I have decided that I am going to focus on strength training more than I have been and want to start doing my daily push ups again if my shoulder holds up, it has felt good for about 3 weeks now and I am getting itchy so today I will test it out with a few short sets just to test the waters.

The end has come to another post in a long line of posts and I am going to keep on ding what I am doing because it has worked to this point. Thanks for following along and don't forget that H2O!

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  1. That "blue plate" special looks delish! Way to go with your food and hydration. The eagle was great! I only see little bunnies on my walks.

  2. Your meal looks great. Cool you got a picture of an eagle. Sounds like a really great week for you. I'm sure Friday will be a great weigh-in.

  3. The food looks great and the eagle is fantastic!

  4. I always forget my camera during our family walks and have those moments of regret as well. Living on the edge of the city we don't often see wild animals but last year there was a cow moose and a pair of twin calves with her trotting down the back alley on our way home (we moved out of the way) and I wished I would have had it then. Moose in the city with twins to boot? A rarity for sure. The meal looks wonderful!

  5. That meals looks awesome!!

    BTW,I left something on my blog for you!! Check it out!

  6. I think the blue plate looks just fine. And the fish looked almost good enough for ME to eat! (ok, I don't really like fish.) Vee at www.veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com