Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 497, wow its been a while!

Monday went as planned where diet and exercise were concerned, I ate a total of 1650 calories which included my whey protein so calories were pretty much right on the button, I drank 1 gallon of green tea and more than a half of a gallon of straight H2O and for exercise I took my daughter on a 1.8 mile walk (her in the stroller) in the afternoon as it was a pretty nice day yesterday, Have a look at the menu from Monday.


8:15 AM
2 multigrain english muffins 200
2 wedges laughing cow cheese 70
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70
sliced tomato 15

12:00 PM
1 lavish bread 100
3 hebrew national hot dogs 120
1 wedge laughing cow 35

3:15 PM
1 scoop whey protein 130
1 cup 1% milk 110

6:15 PM
8oz roasted chicken breast 400
3/4 cup white rice 150
1 cup green beans 40
pueblo pepper sauce 30

8:15 PM
18oz watermelon 180

Walking has quickly become my relax time, I get to have no particular place to go and many times its just me myself and I having a conversation with ourselves as the thoughts just randomly jump from subject to subject. I am lucky enough to live where I live and walking around the lake really does make getting out and exercising easy, in fact it does not feel like exercise at all most times, maybe its just because I have a nice place to walk or maybe its because I for so long was trapped inside a 534 pound body and limited to what and where I could go so now that weight is not such a factor I can appreciate the simplicity of a walk.

Which brings me to my next point, hiking, I have not hiked yet this year and it is about time that I go out and get hiking! the difference this year is that wify has agreed to join me and has even suggested that we come up with a way to do "date hikes" imagine that, a hike being someones idea of a date. I think the idea of calling a hike a date is an awesome idea and I see it this way, a date is suppose to be something fun, something that is enjoyed by both people, time spent together doing something that bonds the two or brings them closer through a common interest so actually hiking should be on everyone's list of things to do for a date! I am really looking forward to getting out there with wify and just wandering around through some trails in the near future.

This week has been good so far besides Saturdays picnic at my mother in laws and I am hoping for a loss come Friday, The man in the plastic magic box said it would rain this afternoon so I am going to end this post here so that I can get out for a walk this morning before it starts. Don't forget to get that H2O into your day and thanks for following along with me as I change my life as well as those around me all for the better.

As Ever


  1. Sounds romantic :)

    How about you guys bring a picnic basket with some cheese and fruit and wine and when you get to the end of the trail have a mini picnic at one of your hikes?

  2. Sounds like your wify has a good idea. I liked it when you said...Imagine thinking a hike is a date. I laughed.

    Your menus sound yummy. I like your breakfast!

  3. Great idea - we also love hiking, and just being outdoors. I am a long time birdwatcher, and have been developing an interest in wild plants, while DH is a hunter and avid outdoorsman, so it is a great way for us to spend time together. Enjoy the day - looks like it'll be nice for a while today!

  4. Your wife has a great idea. My husband had I have done 'date hikes'. Quite nice. One of our favorites is to hike up to an overlook. We then sit on the rock facing and have a picnic lunch (which we packed up in our backpack. There is just something special about being with the person you love in a quiet place. The lunch is fun because I try to slip in special treats for him, he tries to slip in special treats for me. So it is just special. :-) Have fun on your date hike!

  5. Heya Zeus,

    I'm doing a big of weight loss blogsurfing and found my way here.

    That's a really awesome accomplishment of getting close to the 200 pounds lost mark. Really, really spectacular. I started out at 440 and am sitting a 304.4 as of this morning.

    Please drop by my own weight loss blog and say hey sometime!And by the way, that header pic of the guy versus the train - that thing is freaking amazing.

  6. Awesome. Studies have shown that incorporating working out into your relationship is one of the best ways to make real strides in weight loss. Date hikes are such a good way to do this. My boyfriend and I have one once a week and not only is it fun, it gives us uninterrupted time to talk about anything and everything, to focus on each other in a non-stressful environment, and to be so engrossed that we hardly recognize that we are breathing hard.

    Boda weight loss blog

  7. I understand exactly what you mean, "walking has become my relax time".

    I started my diet by only walking. I just came back from my morning walk. I did my original route and can do it in almost half the time.

    I am amazed at how lazy I was. (NB. I am only a little less lazy now). Now I walk to the supermarket 15 min. down the road and carry the groceries back. It is my chill out time.


  8. I love the idea of having active dates. It's great that your wife is on board. I could see that being a lot of fun. I am so amazed by your weight loss. I would love to know how you stay motivated. And the pepperoni for breakfast! That was classic, such a guy dish. I'll have to try that. I run out of breakfast ideas, and I always have Laughing Cow on hand. I love that stuff! I use it with WW Pasta and Veggies for a creamy cheese sauce. The Garlic Herb one. Yum!