Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The long weekend report, did I mention it was long?

Working towards a goal that has been almost 17 months in the making has taught me a few things about myself and about weight loss in general. I in the last five hundred eleven days have made changes in my life and created habits that will hopefully trickle down and become habits of my children as well, My wife has become more health conscious and has recently started running to go along with her better eating habits as well and I can say with 100% certainty that my choice to lose all of the weight and get healthy will mean that I get a little more time to enjoy with my family as well as enjoying things a bit more myself.

Thinking back to Jan 2008 I can't remember being 534 pounds, when I think back to that time I can remember being out of breath from walking up the stairs, I can remember not being able to walk very far without sweating like I had just run a marathon, I can remember how it felt to say no to going out because I was uncomfortable but I cannot believe that I was 534 pounds. I weigh almost 200 pounds less than I did back then and still feel like I am big, mostly because I am but what I mean is that I look at photos from then and I do not see me in the pictures, maybe more like a me suit. My day literally went the same way every day, well there are two versions really and the first version went like this, wake up around 10am (I worked nights at the time), play some video games while rotting on the couch with my 64oz double gulp cup filled to the brim with whole milk or coke, eating a breakfast that consisted of more calories than I eat all day now, 3pm drive to work and basically sit there until 1am, drive home grab del taco and stay up until 3 or 4am watching tv or playing more playstation. Then version 2 was after my daughter was born, wake up 6:30 am and sit on the couch, play time was on the bed, not like a new born could run around too much which worked out perfectly for me at the time but as she started getting older I noticed that I could not keep up with her very well and would need breaks from playing, or we would sit in the yard or should I say I would sit in the yard while she played on the playground set that was in our yard at the time the entire time me not enjoying the fact that I could not run around with her.

That was the me that I do not want to remember, I should actually say that I want to remember enough to not go there again but not remember because it was like a bad dream. I was thinking about this weight that I have lost and something dawned on me because Wify came and sat on me while the thought was in my head, She was on my lap and if I were to stand on a scale it would read a lower number than it would have with just me on it less than one and a half years ago. As I sat there I felt a tug and before I knew it my daughter had climbed up onto us now making it s pile and I thought about how there are 3 of us sitting here now and I am just about the same weight as I was when I started this weight loss regimen, Me my wife and my daughter all piled up and the couch was holding the same weight as it would have if it were just me a short time ago, I don't think Wify even knew what I was thinking about at that moment but imagine that, 3 people and that is just about exactly what I weighed all by my onesome.

Ok enough of all of that, lets get to how the weekend went intake and exercise wise and I will attempt to keep it to the point. Friday went as planned with the food but my back was bothering me so I did not workout at all so food was good no exercise, not so much. Saturday my intake was perfect up until Wify told me that she got a movie for us to watch and a rule that I made a long time ago is that it does not matter what my calorie level is at I will have a big ol bowl of popcorn with a movie, so I was at 1650 calories and went over by whatever that jumbo bowl of the good stuff amounted to, again no exercise on Saturday besides some light yard work. Sunday was going good enough and then I found out that my brother in law who is a vegan was coming down for Lunch and my Mother in law cooked a completely Vegan lunch for the occasion and I decided that I wanted to try some of the vegan dishes and ended up not counting calories at all because it was a lot of things that was like salads etc that I couldn't really judge. after lunch my father in law stopped by for dinner and he brought hot dogs, potato salad and macaroni salad with tuna and once again I decided that I was just going to enjoy the meal, I did stick to only water and tea for the entire weekend so that was good but Sundays calories were way over. Monday I was within my calories coming in at 1695 for the day but then later on in the evening I was very hungry for whatever reason and I gave in and ate a Fiber bar which cost me an extra 140 calories so I did go over on Monday slightly as well.

Zero exercise all weekend besides rearranging a walk way made of stone in my back yard and some random light yard work, the docks are very backed up and I for the life of me cannot figure out why. The situation at the docks is hindering my ability and desire to get a good solid workout in and I am starting to think that the pain in my back may be related to the clogged pipes but after I click "publish post" I am going to head out for a walk around the lake and plan on riding my bike this afternoon. I also wanted to mention that I am tentatively penciling in Monday June 1st as my C25K start date since the doc cleared me, I wanted to start this week but with the pipes and the raw back I have decided it was not the best week to start something that I am anticipating will be a challenge.

Now that I have typed out this epically long post it is time for me to get on up and get outside for a walk, don't forget that H2O and keep on keepin on, it is after all the least we can do for our own health.

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  1. That was some great insight into your hows and whys and etc. You're doing great! Vee at www.veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  2. First off I want to say great
    job on the weight loss.Keep it up.

  3. Great insight into your "why". To me, that is what keeps us going when the going gets tough. Congrats on your losses so far and your continued success.