Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Close to 200 pounds lost update, and a few pictures of what I have been doing.

I seem to have forgotten that I write in this blog every day! I have been a busy little boy playing outside in the dirt the past few days and just have not had the time to write a post but here I am! taking a break so I thought I would post up. In the past few days I have pretty much spent my entire days outside in the yard making it look how I want it to instead of the previous owners vision of beauty, which happens to be in the eye of the beholder in this case because this yard was jacked up. I removed a brick patio and neatly stacked the 8x16 paver bricks for later use, reshaped and moved a stone edged gravel filled path that ran through the back yard while retaining any plants and or shrubs that were to be moved and tilled the soil and planted grass on all of the bare spots from where I pulled up the patio and moved the walk way. I now have a new tomato garden that I cut into the yard and edged with stone and some railroad ties, its a tiny little spot holding only 3 tomato plants but it took more than an hour to complete and plant into, I hope I get a few tomatoes off of them, here are a few pics that I just snapped after I started writing.

Here is my tiny little tomato garden, the two on the left are Beefmaster and the one on the right is a better boy, they probably could have been planted a bit further apart but hopefully they do well there, the entire thing is 5 feet across.

A shot down the fence line at part of our garden, you can see the tomatoes at the top left.

Just a random shot of the little bird house that lives in our yard, you can see the still bare butterfly bush on the right side of the purple flowers.

This week is going well and I have stayed within calories every day this week, with all of the yard work I am definitely getting some exercise into the days but on top of that I have walked every day besides yesterday this week with my shortest walk being 1.8 miles and the longest was 3 miles. I am lifting weights and doing my push ups every other day and staying thoroughly hydrated drinking 1 gallon of water and 1 gallon of green tea per day over the past 5 days or so. We did have a hold out on the docks, I think that the teamsters were asking for more fiber and I just was not listening because the docks were jam packed and not moving for almost 4 days so I don't know how that will effect Fridays weigh in. I am actually up from last Fridays weight at this point in the week, I have done everything right this week but I have a couple of theory's on why I am up. I have been doing a lot of work around the yard and I am sore in a few places that are not usually sore so I may be retaining some fluids because of that, or it may be that the docks are still jammed up a bit, though the teamsters have agreed to let the ships unload I have a feeling that there are still a lot of ships waiting to land at port and unload so that's theory number two.

Either way I am doing everything right this week and Fridays weigh in will be whatever it is and I will keep going, will it be the week that I hit that 200 pound lost mark? I sure do hope so! BUT if its not, then it is not and that's all. When I do hit that 200 pounds lost mark I plan on posting up a few more comparison shots because I have not posted any in a while, I believe the last time I put one up was at 150 pounds lost but I could be wrong and I don't feel like searching to find out right now but its close if not 150. For me to say Two hundred pounds is what I have lost seems so bizarre to me, and only because of the pure size of that number, there are whole human beings that do not weigh that much and have lost that amount of fat off of my body? just insane to me if I think about it for too long.

Apparently my time is up because my daughter just finished her lunch and wants to go back outside to play some more so I will end this post here and off I go to do more yard work, make sure you stay hydrated and drink 20 extra oz for me today! keep on keepin on and all that.

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  1. The yard looks great. Hope weigh-in tomorrow is great.

  2. oh WOW a garden :) I need to send you some pictures of mine -- I have been working on my little garden for at least two weeks now. IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

    And your tomoatoes will definitley be enough for just you guys and I am sure they will do fine.

    Hey what is that purple plant that your have in the picture with the bird house, it sure has lovely flowers?

    very nice! I wll go take pictures of mine right now and email ya!

  3. Great attitude with the whole 200 lbs thing. I can't wait to see the updated pics.

    Your yard looks great. I wish I would have tried some tomatos this year.

    your weight loss so far is amazing....200 lbs is a dang lot of weightto loose...or

    good luck with the weigh in.

  4. You are a great role model for dieters.