Sunday, May 3, 2009

Having options.

I just got in from a nice walk in the drizzling rain and thought I would throw a weekend post up here before Monday came around. My intake for the day is right now at 1690 total ending with a large orange about 5 minutes ago, I have to say it feels good to be back on track with the food, which has got me thinking. I have not really done too much in the way of exercise in the past few weeks besides a couple of walks here and there so I decided to take a walk tonight even though it is raining outside. Walking all alone in a light drizzle actually does wonders for calming down and just relaxing even though I was walking at about a 3.4 mph pace for just under 2 miles I was totally relaxed and cleared my head while just listening to the rain fall between my footsteps. I also walked around all afternoon in the mall with wify and the brats so I guess I have been walking more than I want to count towards my movement tally, and while in the mall something dawned on me, I had the option to buy some clothes if the need struck me.

I was walking around in the mall and I thought about how I could use a few pairs of jeans and meandered on into a JC Penny half in the old 534 pound state of mind thinking "I'll just look and if I see something I will pull out the good old big and tall catalog" so I walk into the mens section and there in front of me is a size 42/32 jeans and I literally could feel myself smile. I then walked further into the mens section noticing that there were plenty of size 42 jeans to be had if I really wanted to walk out with some and then it hit me, I had the option to walk into a store and walk out with some clothing that fit me. At 534 pounds and sitting on the edge of fitting into a 7xl shirt that is a feeling that is left outside next to ones pride before even walking into a store, the option to buy something in a store that does not have "Big and Tall" in the title just does not exsist at that size and honestly some of the big and tall stores didn't exactly have a lot of 6-7xl stuff on hand all of the time either. In order for me to buy a shirt indeed I would have to walk on over that line to the big and tall section in JC Penny BUT that section only goes up to 4xl so I was without that option as well for a long time as well.

Living in the 340's is a whole different game when compared to living life in the 530's, I do not ever want to be in a position again where I can say that I weigh more than a quarter of a ton and not be exaggerating! I know that I will never see that zip code again and its a pleasure to have moved on from such a large size. I know that i have changed my life for the better and because of that decision my family will have me around a bit longer and that's the only reason that I need to stay on track and finish what I've started with this weight loss project, yes project seems fitting for a feat this large, or should I say a belly this large!

Thank you for reading along and I hope you are getting that H2O into your day because it is one of the most important parts of this weight loss game, that of course is just my humble opinion but hey! its my blog right? Keep on keepin on and all that, and until next time keep your goals in sight and know that nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

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  1. I also dream of the day I can go shopping for "normal" size clothes. All my suits are custom made and my casual clothes are all hip hop fashion bought close the American Base. Though I do not object to hip hop music, it is not really my scene.

    good luck to you

  2. I just happened across your blog and have to say this...

    WOW! You are an inspiration! I just recently started a life style change and a blog to keep myself accountable and I am waiting for the day to walk into a regular store and buy regular clothing - something that is NOT followed by an "X" (or two or three depending on who makes it) or one of those lovely letters that screams "Hey you! Lose weight!!" I want to walk in and just try on a pair of regular jeans that just might fit - and buy them if I so wish. Kudos and keep up the inspiration!

  3. It just gets better and better my friend.

  4. options are great, glad your enjoying more!