Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reflecting backwards, hind sight is 20/20 eh?

Tuesdays intake went ok if a bit high, I consumed 1725 calories says my excel sheet but I did have a couple mini pretzels as I walked past an open bag on the table which are not on that sheet so only slightly more than that, not bad either way. The green tea was flowing with slightly more than a gallon of that going down the hatch along with a gallon of water and I am planning on drinking the same amount today. Yesterday I went for a walk earlier than normal because it was suppose to rain and about 1/3 of a mile into my walk it started drizzling but I kept going but I did pick my daughter up on my shoulders, so for the rest of the walk (about another mile) I had a 40 pound little girl up on my shoulders and to my surprise it was not at all a burden to have her up there, in fact I felt pretty good considering it was drizzling on me and I was up 40 pounds! on the way back we decided to walk down to the waters edge and when we got there we saw a swarm of little flies or something just above the water and there was fish everywhere! back to the house we went to grab a fishing pole and if I cast the line into the water 15 times we caught something or had a bite EVERY one of those times, we caught 7 sunfish and a small bass on my daughters Disney fishing pole so the decision to walk when I did turned out nice, and just in time because it started thundering and raining almost immediately after we got back in the house. Have a look at yesterdays menu, and as you can see compared to Mondays menu I am a creature of habit.


8:15 PM
2 multigrain english muffins 200
2 wedges laughing cow cheese 70
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70
sliced tomato 15

12:45 PM
1 lavish bread 100
4 hebrew national hot dogs 160
1 wedge laughing cow 35

2:45 PM
1 scoop whey protein 130
1 cup 1% milk 110
1 banana 105

6:00 PM
6oz roasted chicken 360
3/4 cup white rice 150
1/2 cup black beans 100

7:00 PM
2 small oranges 120

Grand total of 1725 calories plus whatever 4-6 mini pretzels comes to, not so bad and I know that I was hydrated enough so I am doing my part. Making these changes in my life has been the best thing to happen to me since my daughter was born just about 4 years ago, in fact she is a part of why the decision was made. Funny how the inability to walk more than 200 feet from my front door wasn't enough, or that sack of Del taco that I was bringing home after work every night, not to mention the 3 cheese burgers that I would eat BEFORE I got home so that wify would not see me eat them did not scream to me that there was a problem. Right now it is so clear that there were signs and what those signs were that I cannot believe that it was me doing some of the things that I was doing.

It was almost like I needed a warm up meal before I ate my already too large supersized double heart attack burger and grease fries with a ginormous tub of sugar laced fluid, going to Jack in the box? yep I will have 4 of your 2 for 2 tacos to go with my meal please do you have a trough that I could eat out of to go with that? Wendy's? sure thing, drop a couple of those Jr. bacon cheese burgers in there to warm me up to my triple cheese burger meal after all they ARE Jr. sized right?, McNasty? hey pimple faced high school kid can ya toss a couple few cheese burgers in that bag to go with my supersized stroke in a shiny yellow wrapper? and the list goes on and on and on. I had a prerequisite starter meal to go with every meal that I would eat at a fast food drive through window and if I had my way I would eat it before I got home if I was alone and if wify was with me I would say "what? I am hungry leave me alone about it" thinking about eating that way honestly right now floors me and I cannot believe that was me not so long ago.

In just under 17 months I have completely changed the way I live where my health is concerned, I have come from a person that didn't realize how unhappy he was at 534 pounds to a fella that appreciates every minute that he has to spend on his own terms at 340 pounds.

As Ever


  1. I think it's always good to look back and see where we came from. I loved reading about your walk and fishing adventure with your daughter. She will remember times like that, that's what all this really is about, living life and enjoying our family.

    Oh, I did realize that your green tea recipe is under your labels list lol.

  2. I can so relate...I remember that I used to swing by Taco Bueno for 2 burritos, tamales if they had them, and whatever cinnamon/sugar fried dough item they had, and consume all that on the way to pick up the "real" dinner for the rest of the family. And if that dinner was at a place with 2 for $2 tacos? You can bet I had those. Or 3 for $1 cookies or an ice cream cone...whatever there was to eat on the way home, before dinner.

    And then my husband would "worry" about me not eating all of my dinner. If he only knew.

    For me...I had a feeling that I "deserved" those things. I worked hard...I was the one going out to get the meal...I deserved it. Not sure what I thought I deserved - a heart attack or early death? These days I deserve fresh asparagus and blackberries, even when they aren't in season...things like that are the splurges now!

  3. I also added a few Junior Burgers to my set. I also did the secret fast food stop over before coming home for dinner.

    I'm glad you push the fluids and green tea on your blog. I am becoming a convert. I drink at least a litre of green tea and a litre of goya (bitter mellon) tea everyday. On top of that I noticed my dailing water consumption is increasing, at least 2 litres a day. I think it makes a big difference.

    good luck to you