Thursday, May 21, 2009

You can do a triathlon if you like, who me??

Today is a good day, and what I mean is that a worry that has been on my shoulders for about a month now is gone. About a month ago I had a docs appointment and he heard a heart murmur and told me that I needed to get an ECG done to make sure everything was ok with my ticker, he also told me that I could not run or work out too hard until that was done hence all of the walking in the last month instead of other things. Today was my follow up appointment to see what the blood tests from the initial appointment said and to find out about how the ECG went and apparently everything is good with the old ticker, he used a term that I cannot recall right now to explain the murmur and said just as a precaution that we will look at it in 2 years but it was something about a valve being a little loose or something like that but he said that and I quote "You can do a triathlon if you like, everything came back great" then he repeated that he was impressed with what I have done so far with the weight loss. I will tell you that having a doctor tell me that I am doing everything right and then tell me that all of my blood tests came back "great" and when I asked him if I can run now his reply being "You can do a triathlon if you like" really does something to reinforce in my mind that I have to keep on keepin on with what I am doing.

Onto this week and tomorrows weigh in, though I have eaten perfectly (besides not enough fiber apparently) and exercised daily I do not think I will be at a lower weight than I was last Friday, but then where have I heard that before? this morning I weighed more than I did last Friday, not by much but more none the less so I do not think that I will cross that 200 pounds lost barrier this week but who knows. I have consumed an average of 1650 calories per day when I do a 7 day average off of my excel sheets so I am right where I should be with intake, I have drank 1.5 to a little more than 2 gallons of fluid per day every day this week and I have exercised every day except one in that same time, and if I don't weigh less than I did a week ago it doesn't matter to me.

I am stronger than I was last week, I am a week healthier come tomorrow morning and 7 days wiser where health in general is concerned. I have the all clear to run to my hearts desire from my doc so I plan on starting C25K most likely come Monday and there is a nice long stationary bike ride in my immediate future. As I write this I am 3/4 of a gallon worth of green tea into my daily hydration and have eaten a nutritious breakfast and dinner, things are as they should be at the moment. I am expecting to either break even or be slightly above my last weeks weight come tomorrow morning going off of this mornings weight but like I mentioned yesterday the docks are clearing out so I guess anything can happen.

The bottom line is that I am in control of my eating and now can do what I want to physically with the all clear from my doc this morning so once again the sky's the limit and I will be at my goal weight before years end. Make sure to remember that H2O and keep on keepin on, tomorrow I weigh in and there is a possibility that I will break that 200 pounds lost mark but I just don't think this will be the week.

Until then...

As Ever


  1. was it "leaky" valve?

    that happened to my hubby --- he seemds great though! I sure am not sure what it means??

    glad to hear you are ok

  2. What great news - I am sure you are happy. Now it is time to start training for the triathlon.

  3. So glad everything is fine with the old ticker. My nephew has a heart murmur and is the top cross country runner in his high school so I wouldn't worry to much. Glad you can get back to doing all the things you want. I'm sure weigh-in will be fine tomorrow regardless of what the scale says.

  4. SO GLAD all is ok with the heart and wanna echo what bbubblyb said about the weigh in today being FINE no matter what the hunk of metal reads.

  5. I know you can do it man! I'm rooting for you :)