Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Learning how to be this way.

Just walking along this path to better health this week, I am making good choices with food and exercising when I can. Sunday I had an attack from mister Gallbladder and this one was a doozy lasting more than a couple hours and keeping me up until 3:30 am so needless to say I did not exercise Sunday and I took yesterday off as well just to let the residual (if only tiny) pain subside, actually I did go swimming last night and wify says that I am improving so that is a plus but I would not call what I did true exercise because it was random and the rest was splashing around with the kids. I am planning on a bike ride tonight with wify as I want to make up for the couple days of non exercising to keep the weight moving in a downward direction and I am looking to get into the 320's this week, which would in all honesty be awesome if I do. Sunday because of the stomach pain I skipped dinner besides having a small dish of green beans and rice that I thought would not upset the stomach issue (boy was I wrong) so I was way under calories and yesterday I was just above by 25 so not too bad, have a look at the menu from yesterday.

7:45 AM
2 cups grain & fruit cereal 240
1 cup 1% milk 110

11:45 AM
1 tomato basil wrap 100
5oz grilled chicken 250
lettuce/tomato 30
pickle 5

2:30 PM
1 banana 105

4:00 PM
small apple 65

6:45 PM
1 tomato basil wrap 100
6oz grilled chicken 300
lettuce/tomato 25
pickle 5

7:15 PM
1/2 cup peas 60

8:45 PM
2 cups honey comb cereal 220
1 cup 1% milk 110

Grand total of 1725 calories for the day and that menu is a little redundant with breakfast and the last meal being some cereal and lunch and dinner being almost the exact wrap, but hey! it was all light and it fell within my calories for the day. Exercise was just the swimming that I mentioned and I did not have a drop of green tea, but did polish off 1 3/4 gallons of straight H2O before days end so I rehydrated after Sundays no drink, no eat rule because of the stomach pain. This week is off to a we shall call it, decent start as I am under calories, exercise has happened and is planned and hydration is happening and I am drinking a big ol glass of Green tea as I type this out.

Something to keep in mind, The only thing that is needed to drop pounds is determination, maybe a little bit of discipline and a lot of consistency, the rest is just excuses.

  • It is NOT hard to plan meals.
  • It is NOT expensive to eat healthy meals.
  • It is NOT someone else's fault that you are over weight.
  • You do NOT need to join a gym to exercise.
  • You WILL NOT lose weight unless you get up off of your ass and do something about it.

Finally, No amount of complaining or blaming will help either, so that's the first step for so many of us, are you ready to take that step?

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  1. Sorry to hear you had an attack I hope you won't have anymore, I know how unpleasant they are. Good for you for going swimming. Hope you and wifey enjoy your bike ride too. Good luck getting into the 320's this week.

  2. Sorry about the gallbladder.

    I love the end of the post though. It's all true. We are accountable to us on this journey, only we can do the things necessary to make it successful and if we do not, there absolutely is no one else but ourselves to blame.

    Keep on keeping on into the 320's

  3. Nobody but you can make the needed lifestyle changes. NO ONE to blame but ourselves.

    Good luck with the 320's. Rake it easy on yourself. Watch out for that gallbladder.

  4. I to like the end of the post. Like you said just stop complaining and do it. Although I do have complaint, swimming is a great way to get exercise. In 35 min of swimming I burn about 1000 +/- calories while bike I burn 750 +/-, plus I never feel the sweat. Hope you hit the 320's this week.

  5. I hope that it will get better.

    You have done an amazing job. I just found your blog and wanted to just say great job!!

  6. I had an attack of kidney stone pain this past weekend so I understand. Count the swimming - every moment works off calories.

    Vee at http://www.veegettinghealthy.blogspot.com

  7. Yo, dude - when ya gonna take care of that gall bladder? BTDT, and the attacks SUCK! Please, take care of that soon - my GB surgery was done back in the dark ages, before arthroscopic (SP?) surgery was done - a week in the hosp, a 8" scar across my middle (which expanded amazingly when I was preggers w/the boys!). Get a good surgeon, and find out if you can keep the stones (I did - had silly dreams of making it into a necklace - most expensive piece of jewelry I would've owned!)Please - we need you healthy!

    Oh, and congrats on the latest loss - I have stalled for the past 6 months - but no gain.

  8. pesky gallbladders. ever try a flush? juice of three limes + 2egg yolks + 1tb spoon flax oil ,,,drink on an empty stomach, wait two hours before food or beverage. i do it from time to time to keep the old gallbladder flowing. its very gentle.