Wednesday, May 27, 2015

No Gimmicks, just the plain and simple of it.

Another day, another post with my calories, its funny actually that this is sort of how I started off writing this blog back at the beginning of 2008, by posting my calories and menu then some random words about said things and here we are again. I do not believe in "Breakfast food" and "Dinner food" etc so you'll see I had a ham and cheese on rye for breakfast, calories in fitting into my allowances is what its about.

2 slices light rye bread        100
.5 oz cheese        55
4oz ham        130
2 Dannon light Greek yogurt        160

2 servings pops cereal        240
8 oz 1% milk        110
1 Banana        110
1 T peanut butter        100

1 C white rice        200
8oz turky keilbasi        360
2 Dannon light Greek yogurt        160
4 Brazil nuts        90

Total 1815

In addition to the calories I drink 1 gallon of green tea per day and a minimum of another half gallon of straight H2O which is more times than  not another gallon of water so I won't post my fluid intakes unless it was low for a particular day, Simple right? it is what it is and I have a goal to reach by August 1st, its on.

As Ever

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  1. We want to hear your favorite Dannon Light and Fit Greek yogurt!!!!! Mine is toasted coconut vanilla.