Thursday, May 28, 2015

Calorie days

Another menu, another day and another pound lost (I hope) Yesterday was a bit of a struggle for some reason, I felt hungry at the end of the night but made it. I did go over by 160 calories partially because I grabbed a Greek yogurt from the fridge and didn't realize it was not a light yogurt until I took a bite and I didn't want to waste it so it is what it is.

2 slices light rye bread        100
.5 oz cheese        55
4oz ham        130
2 light Italian bread        80
2oz turkey pepperoni        140
1oz American cheese        110
2 servings pops cereal        240
8 oz 1% milk        110
2 Dannon light Greek yogurt        160
2 La Tortilla factory wraps        200
2oz Light cheddar        90
1/4 cup black beans        55
onion/salsa       40
3 oz ground turkey        120
2 T light sour cream        40
1/4 cup white rice        50

Oikos Greek yogurt        150
4 Brazil nuts        90

Total calories 1960

Still trucking along and I am hoping (there's that word again) that I see a loss on the scale come Friday, either way, I'm going to keep on doing what I'm doing and see where the wheel ends up. 

As Ever