Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A weight loss story, can you dig it!

This week will be a week where I get a new low weight is my prediction, "How can you say that with such confidence man?" I can say it that way because I am going to make it so. Needing to keep this train rollin down the tracks so that I might hit my goal of being at or under that 300 pound mark by April 2nd is at the top of my priorities list currently and since I am the one that makes the magic happen then I must. Thinking about being under three hundred pounds gets me sometimes because I cannot honestly recall a time that I was sub three hundred pounds. I weighed more than three hundred pounds when I started high school which means that the last time I was less than three bills was more than twenty years ago. I had a full head of hair back then and not the foggiest idea about what having a girlfriend was like, reading car magazines and riding my huffy 10 speed was pretty much all that I knew back then and that was the last time in my life that I was even close to three hundred pounds.

Getting to under three hundred pounds is a huge deal for me, somehow it feels like victory will be mine when I get there and its been a long time coming. Making that number will mean that I dropped 36 pounds in four months (my little challenge to myself) and I will be 25 pounds away from my original goal of hitting 275 pounds. At 275 pounds I will have lost 48.50% of my total body weight! at 267 pounds I hit that 50.00% total body weight lost as well as weighing less than my father does currently so that is my real goal number but one thing at a time I suppose. If I let up I am only letting myself down and I have not dropped 211 pounds so far to start letting myself down now so onward I go and the next goal will be reached. I have done this without any miracle plans, I have done this without a surgery, I have done this without paying someone to tell me what I need to do to get my arse in gear, I have done this on my own.

Thinking about that 50% body weight lost thing it dawns on me that when I get there I will have lost 267 pounds, and realistically I could probably lose a total of 300 pounds before all is said and done which would leave me at 6'5'' tall and 234 pounds which does not sound unreasonable. I have no clue where this wheel will stop or what weight I will eventually level off at but I do know that where ever it is that I will be healthier than I have been in my entire life because of my efforts and I dare you to stop me from getting there, its just not an option for me, I will get there.

I may have to work out some deals to get to the gym tonight as my kids have the day off of school but I will in fact make it there to get in my 50 minutes of cardio for the day. Staying on point with my calories for the day thus far and am planning on keeping it that way for the rest of the week so that my Friday run in with the scale goes my way. Drinking enough fluids every day is a non issue for me as I am so use to it that I drink because I must, I drink because its there and I actually enjoy the way water tastes these days. A prediction that I would get a new low this Friday was made and I am going to take it a step further and say that I will make it into the teens which would mean that it was an 8 pound week going off of last Fridays number. Hitting the 3teens is a very ambitious thing to shoot for considering my last weeks weigh in at 327 but it is what I am going for. With that the end has come to another post by the one and only God of meatballs, tune in tomorrow to see where the day brought me and of course to get your daily dose of the big man.

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  1. I'm right in your range now and am inspired by your results. Thanks for the blog. I'll try to keep up!

    Big Clyde

  2. You have come so far!! And it sounds like you're on to another great week.