Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday morning quarterback.

Last Friday I hit my new low weight since starting down this path and while atop the mountain looking down at the world with my belt cinched in a couple notches more felt awesome it doesn't mean that I can let up with what I am doing. Saturday morning as per usual I woke up and stepped on the scale and 322.6 flashed on the display, and I ended up going over calories by a bag of movie popcorn (Sherlock Homles was pretty good) but that's not all, I was out all day and didn't get enough fluids into the day and I did have a couple drinks with my neighbor. Sunday came with a large side of stressful situations with my son and I honestly just didn't care about watching what I was eating, that's not to say that I gorged myself but to say that I counted a single bite would simply be a lie. Managing to get a big salad in for dinner last night helped a bit but I know that I went well over my calorie limit for the day by more than a few calories and I did step on the scale this morning and lets just leave it at I am up in weight, retention I am sure, but up none the less.

Thursday was the last day that I made it to the gym, It just was not in my cards this weekend which means that I will make every attempt to go each day this week. Today I will have a cleansing kind of day to get anything out of my system that I put in over the weekend, or should I say that I didn't put in namely H2O. I am 64oz of H2O down as I write this and I am planning on flooding my body today with fluids to help with the rehab from Sunday and there is a gallon of green tea on my kitchen counter that I will start into as soon as the publish button is clicked.

Along with all of the fluids that are in my immediate future is much fruits and vegetables because today will be a meat free day. I sometimes do an all veg day where I do not eat any meat products and I limit the cheeses etc which isn't too far from normal anyways but today will be one of those days in an effort to squeeze the excess sodium that I am sure is floating around in me out. Today's menu will consist of, My breakfast which was a bowl of cereal and I will have a pear in a couple of hours followed by veggie soup for lunch and some more fruit after that between lunch and dinner. For dinner I am making Turkey burgers for the family but I will have a big salad with baby spinach as a base and then off to the gym as I have to go later than normal today. Upon returning home I shall sit down to watch Heroes with however much fruit I need to finish the remainder of 1700 calories and perhaps a whey protein shake for good measure and a protein boost, with some simple planning it suddenly becomes easy.

It was a less than stellar weekend for me all the way around where diet and exercise goes but that does not mean that its time to pull out the good silverware and order up a rum cake so that I can sit alone and sad eating until the last bite goes down. I believe that is where so many people fail at dropping weight, a day or two of not so perfect eating turns into feelings of failure and down the hill the snow ball rolls until our midsections are as big as that very snow ball. Some days will not be as good as they could have or should have been but using that as an excuse to keep that ball rolling in the wrong direction sits firmly on each of our shoulders because we are responsible for what we do every day.

This week should be interesting with my weekend of not so great choices but in the grand scheme its not anything to worry about as far as I am concerned. My plan will be to work a little harder this week at staying strict with the intake, drink a little extra for a couple of days to counteract some of the sodium build up from the weekend of non hydration and to get to the gym every day without fail and while there work just a little harder than normal which is already hard enough! Walking the walk for 741 days now I am in a state of mind that assures that I will be successful with all of my health goals even when a random not so on track day pops into my immediate vicinity.

That's all I got, Thanks for following along and remember who makes the decisions.

As Ever


  1. Back on track and I'm sure all will be well.

  2. It's a lifestyle. As a mom with teens I get sidetracked on occasion also, but I just have to keep on keepin on. I appreciate you phrasing about all your choices ultimately being your own. To True!

  3. We all have those days. It’s what you do next that counts.
    Sounds like ou have a great plan.

  4. Just discovered your blog and wanted to let you to know you are an inspiration! Keep up the hard work!!

  5. So so happy for you!!! You are going to reach your goal weight in no time. How exciting is that?!!