Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tell me is it time to get down....

Chugging right along this week I am feeling great about whats been done thus far, this is my off day from the gym but I may go anyways in an effort to push the weight down as far as I can by Friday. Something that I've noticed lately at the gym is the amount of people that are there when I am has more than doubled, I guess its all of the "new resolution" people hitting the gym and that's cool! but its making it harder to find a machine to work out on. The gym that I go to is a pretty good size with tons of machines so I say harder to find a machine but its more like find the machine that I am use to using, Yesterday I walk in and head to "my" bike and there is someone on it. The first thought in my head was "now doesn't she know that's MY bike for this time slot of the day?" I grinned at my thought and took the bike next to her and rode my ride. I found that the treadmill was the same story as I walked towards the part of the gym where I usually use the hamster wheel just about every single machine had someone on it, many of them fumbling with the controls and I thought about when I first joined the gym.

Its funny how when I walked in on my first day I felt like I didn't really belong and that all eyes were going to be on me and I can't help but to think many of the new faces in the gym are going through that same thing. Unsure of how to work the equipment, unsure of how to work the controls and trying to remember to wipe the machine down when they are done using it all while trying to stay focused on the mission at hand which is to get moving and lose some weight or get healthier. I expect the crowd to do a couple things in the coming weeks, I think it will thin out a bit as people learn what time of day works for them and adjust their schedule, I believe that some will lose their drive and simple stop coming and I think that a few of the new faces will become fixtures at that time of day as I have. The trainers are in full effect running around from person to person trying to sell their services and there seems to be more employees around in general showing people around the gym with the "tour" in an attempt to gain their patronage.

With this new atmosphere and wall to wall people Zeusmeatball strikes again with the singing aloud because of getting into the music a little too much, and this time its a doozy. About half way through my trot on the hamster wheel at an 11.5% incline Lo Fidelity all stars "Battleflag" which I just uploaded onto my mp3 comes through my ear buds and before I know it I am tapping on the treadmill in beat with the music. Lipping the words but no sound as I am working through the incline I can feel myself letting go of the fact that there are other people in my immediate vicinity and know that my head is moving to the music a bit now and there is a little more swagger in my stride to go with the song and then it happened. Loud and I am sure unexpected to all of the people around me I say "Tell me is it time to get down on your muthafudgin' knees" (I did NOT say fudge!) and as quick as I said it I realized just like Ralphie did in "a Christmas story" when he dropped the lug nuts in the snow what I had said. Trying to look as natural as possible I glance to my left and the girl had ear phones on but when I looked to my right this girl was ear to ear smile looking right at me so I just shrugged at her and smiled back and kept going, she chuckled and again I think that its time to stop listening to the mp3 when I am on the treadmill.

Tuesday went pretty good over all, my calories were a bit higher than normal coming in at 1865 because I was really hungry in the am so I made myself a whey protein shake around 10:00am to keep that feeling away but otherwise was a text book menu. I drank 1.25 gallons of tea and just over 1 gallon of Straight H2O and did 20 minutes on the bike at the gym along with my incline workout on the treadmill. The incline workout is just 3.1 mph (for now) and starting at 3.5% incline increasing the incline by 2% every two minutes until I hit 11.5% and come back down by 2% every two minutes until I hit 3.5% again followed by a 2 minute cool down @2.5mph and finishing with a run @6.0 mph for as long as I can go.

My goal of 300 pounds by April 2nd is seeming less daunting to me lately and I am unsure why, Making that goal is what I am focusing on right now and because I have a target to shoot at it feels very attainable. Move more, eat less and apparently sing at the gym is what works for weight loss but I need to stop doing one of those three things else I become to someone "Sings on the treadmill guy" hey! its better than "fat dude on the treadmill" right?! and with that the end has come to the latest edition of as the fat guy turns, You may now return to your regularly scheduled program.

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  1. The gym will be back to normal in a few weeks. At least that is what happens at my gym!

  2. Yep...all the newbies. I go to a gym that is like that old show "Cheers", so we all joke about having our own treamills etc. I checked out your before and after pics. Truly amazing!! Good for you :)

  3. You have been inspiring me since your blog popped up one day just before Christmas. One of the reasons I think I can do this weight loss thing now is that you are eating basically all the same foods I like and you lost weight. It's not a complex diet with lots of hard to follow ingredients and recipes, and that's great! Since January 1 I've lost 3 1/2 lbs. yay! Thanks for the boost, Jane

  4. I think "sings on the treadmill guy" sounds a lot better than "fat guy on the treadmill", of course that might depend on how well you sing!