Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nothing profound, nothing witty, just a pre-weigh in post.

This week was an extremely strict one where the intake is concerned, I ate within my calorie range every day including the weekend which has been as of late a little bit loosey goosey when counting by the ounce. Making it to the gym has been priority one since the kiddos went back to school which is cool because that's my me time! and its what I need to do to keep the weight dropping. Drinking enough water and tea has never been a problem for me as I like water and I love green tea which means I am always hydrated, in fact as I type this I am on my 2nd giant mug of hot green tea because I forgot to brew the cold stuff last night, I do love my tea. Looking for a new low weight in the am because tomorrow is weigh in day for the blog, I have done an exceptional job this week with all aspects of eating good, exercise, sleep and staying hydrated and want it to reflect on the scale in the am.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am looking for a shiny new low weight for myself, will it be a motorcycle? perhaps a body builder? I never know what that "low weight" image will be! Todays post shall be short and sweet because I have a few things that I need to take care of this morning so that I can make it to the gym on time. Keep on keepin on and all that and make sure to pop in on me tomorrow to see the new low! yes I am predicting a new low even though Tuesday was the last time I got on the scale.

Thanks for following along and all that, now ask yourself "what have I done for my health today?".

As Ever

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