Friday, January 15, 2010

Keep on keepin on.

This morning started off as any other Friday morning, bathroom then straight to the scale and getting right to it I weighed 327.0 pounds which is 4 pounds more than last weeks weigh in. This up is not exactly a "real" up as much as it is a fluctuation in my opinion because even though I missed the gym all last weekend and had a couple days of stress eating I know that over all I did not eat 14000 extra calories. My guess is that by Sunday I will have flushed the sodium out and gotten my balance back but it is what it is and for the sake of being consistent it shall be written. I may just for the fun of it do a weigh in on both Saturday and Sunday to see where the wheel stops and see if my theory is correct. Thursday was a pretty good day with my calories coming in at 1735 total, I drank 1.5 gallons of H2O and a gallon of green tea (the tea was drank an hour and a half before bed and still may be on board somewhat), I made it to the gym yesterday as well where I did 25 minutes on the bike along with 20 minutes on the treadmill at 5.5% grade and 3.2mph, all in all a good day.

I posted yesterday a post called "No sugar coating" and noticed something when I looked at my hits tracker page for the blog, that post got less than half of the normal hits that any regular old Thursday post gets on average. I found it interesting because normally Thursday is a heavier traffic day and I always assumed that it was because its my "pre weigh in" day but I started thinking about it and wondered if the title of the post had anything to do with the lack of hits. I thought about how when I was bigger that I did not want to hear it unless it was sending waves of pity my way and blunt truths were not what I wanted to hear and that title might lead someone to believe there was just some plain old "this is how it is" in said post and the random person finding a link in a search engine may have passed it up yesterday for that reason. I said "when I was bigger" but its more of the state of mind that I was in because certainly right now at 327 pounds I can still stand to lose some weight and there are people starting off lower than that and are in that frame of mind. I might be totally off with my thought of why the hits were way low for a Thursday post but at any rate I did find it interesting once the idea that it could have been the post title slowing traffic yesterday so I thought I would mention it and maybe get some of your opinions on it.

Neither here nor there really just an interesting observation I made and the world keeps turning, I am planning on hitting the gym every day this week but again if things out of my control interfere again whats a fella to do? well for starters the calorie limit is the calorie limit and thats that, life's unexpected hurdles will have to take a back seat this week. I am the one that is responsible for what goes down the pie hole, I am the one responsible for how far I push myself with the exercise regardless of what else is happening I have to remain focused on this task because I was once 534 pounds and life was not exactly peachy back then so revisiting for nostalgia's sake is not on my things to do list.

Could I beat myself up because I didn't have a loss this week? sure but what would it accomplish besides possibly bringing me down? I think that I will choose to look at the positives and understand that sometimes things don't go exactly as planned and improvising with what is on hand is all that can be done, all in all I am a week stronger than I was last week and again staying with the theme I am the one to blame for that.

I have also been considering doing a video post for some time now, in fact more than a year and I have mentioned it before and I have even recorded some but then decide for one reason or another not to post it but I am again thinking about posting up a video post. Perhaps I will start doing a weekly video post on Friday as a weigh in kind of thing, or maybe a monthly wrap up kind of a thing, who knows!

Another week gone and a new one will start soon, where I will end up next Friday I have no clue BUT I do expect to see a new low which means I will have to drop more than 4 pounds this week, in fact I am going to aim for 7 pounds this week because I do think I have some sodium weight on me right now but I suppose its to be seen. If I can pull off a 7 pound drop this week I will prove that hard works equals results, thats not to say that I haven't proven that already because I believe that I have and will continue to do so until I reach my goals and beyond. I've added a poll to the sidebar to gauge interest in a video post, feel free to drop a vote in either way as I would love to see what anyone reading thinks about the idea and don't forget to check in tomorrow and Sunday mornings to check in on weigh in V2.0.

The end has come to another Fatman and Blobin, another post full of randomness and honesty, keep on keepin on and all that and until next time!

As Ever

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  1. It's amazing how much our bodies can fluctuate overnight. Damn that sodium!