Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday morning and a menu.

This week seems to be cruising on by and its only Monday, somehow knowing that I have done everything that I could over the weekend and my entire week as a whole is making me feel like I am going to have a very good week with the weight. Having posted that comparison picture in yesterdays post I looked at it and I said this before but I have to reiterate because I don't recognize the guy in the third picture quite fully just yet. I know that its me, I know what I have done and I know how different I feel but the visual is just not something that I am use to yet, I have been at many stages of health and different weights and I have not been this small since somewhere in my junior year in high school. I have also decided that that image will be the last one that I post on here until I hit my goal weight, so hopefully sometime in July or August I will be able to post a new one. That last statement gives you an idea of what I am shooting for as far as a time line with the weight. I figure that if I can get to 300 pounds by April 2nd that will be 36 pounds in 4 months and I will be within 25 pounds of my goal weight of 275lbs which will leave me 4 months if by July and 5 months if by August to get that last 25 off so it is a reasonable amount to shoot for.

I got a comment from someone saying that they miss me posting my menus so I thought that I would post up Sundays menu for your eyes. I haven't been keeping the menu as I use to, I still write everything down, I still count every calorie but I have been filling out my excel sheet short hand but it is something that I liked doing on here so I am going to try and post the menu up more often again, This is Sunday's menu and its 1665 total calories.

8:15 AM
2 cups honey combs 220
1 cup 1% milk 110

12:00 PM
1 can low fat progresso clam chowder 220
1 multi-grain english muffin 100
1 whole tomato 30
smart balance spread 25

3:45 PM
1 apple 85

5:45 PM
1 egg 3 whites 115
1/2 oz pepperoni 35
onion/peppers/jalapeno/tomato 50
2oz low fat cheddar cheese 90
6 slices turkey bacon 210
multi-grain english muffin 100
smart balance spread (sauteed on onions) 50

7:30 PM
1 apple 85
1.5 T peanut butter 140

G-Tea 1.25 gallons
H2O 1 gallon

That is a pretty decent day and the omelet that Wify made me for dinner was very good but the day wasn't exactly 1665 calories like the spreadsheet says because I did have a bite of apple pie, I literally mean a bite off of a slice that the boss lady was eating I just couldn't resist! This week the kids return to school so I can get my trips to the gym back in order and all at the same time again which will be nice as I have been going when I can and that sometimes isn't the best thing because going in the evening for means that I will be up later from the energy boost that I seem to get after my workout. Good eats, good workouts and I had a new low weight last Friday, over all I am pleased with the last week or two of this whole get healthy thing, I am really gunning hard to reach under 300 pounds by April 2nd and with some hard work and discipline I should be able to get there.

A new week, a new year and hopefully come Friday we see a new low weight for me, Thanks for following along.

As Ever


  1. Thanks for the menu ;)

    I have been so inspired. Thanks for taking the time to do this blog. I check it almost everyday. I myself have also set a goal for April. Good luck to us.


  2. That's a great eating day even with a bite of pie :)

  3. You'll make it. I'm working toward to getting back to where I was a year ago. You inspire me.

  4. So the day might have been 1700 with the bite of pie. All in all a very good day for you and the fact that you took a bite and not a slice is great!

  5. Sounds like a great day of eating. And good on you for having just a bit of the pie.