Monday, January 18, 2010

Giada De Laurentiis, Me and the Gym.

Later than normal but here I am, Today was pretty busy and I have to admit that I busted arse as far as diet and exercise goes even though I did go over by exactly 1 bowl of grapefruit zabaglione over mixed berries on my calories. I ate often and healthy all day and hit 1700 calories on the nose pre dessert, I have been on point lately with my dinners and the way they are turning out. Saturday I made steaks out on the grill served them with baked sweet potato and a nice hearty salad, Sunday was a whole chicken seasoned perfectly then roasted to perfection with some of the sweet potatoes from Saturday and green beans seasoned with pepper and olive oil and then there was tonight.

I made oven roasted pork shoulder roast laced with garlic and herbs (yes I said laced people) with carrots and onions in the roasting pan, with that was roasted baby red potatoes wearing some olive oil, rosemary and thyme and more green beans prepared the same way as Sunday evening. While I was at the gym last week I was watching "Every day Italian" with Giada De Laurentiis as I do every day and she made a grapefruit zabaglione over mixed berries dessert recipe and tonight I found out that her recipe's are as yummy as she is. My bowl of tasty goodness only cost me roughly 150 calories and it was a good sized dessert! I did deviate from her recipe slightly by replacing the sugar that it called for with splenda but otherwise it was made exactly as she said to, I will be making this again as it was a hit with everyone and even my neighbor came by for a bowl.

Getting the gym this afternoon was a bit of a challenge but I worked out a sitter and off I went, when I left I was not in a great mood but afterward per usual I was feeling awesome. Twenty five minutes on the bike followed by twenty minutes on the treadmill and my workout was complete, a good day all around I would say. Shooting for a new low this week I am unsure if I will be able to make it but I am going to do my part so that the possibility of getting that new low weight is not out of reach. Stay on track, eat less, move more and drink my tea and H2O is whats in store for the rest of the week, or should I say for the rest of my life, yeah that sounds better to me.

Keep on keepin on and all that.

Thats all I got tonight.


As Ever


  1. Giada's Everyday Italian cookbook is one that doesn't leave my kitchen counter. I just made the Braciole on Sunday. Yummy.

  2. I just gave you an award for your blog! Keep up the hard work!