Friday, April 10, 2009

Weighing in on weighing in..once aGAIN

This week I have been away from the blog for the most part, and its nothing more really than an extremely busy week. I will get right to the weigh in and I am afraid that its a gain this week but there have been some obstacles this last week.

From my previous entry's if you read regular like, you know that I had 4 days of terrible eating but that was straightened out on Wednesday and since then I have not gone over my 1700 calories. Monday I woke up and was 353 pounds which is Nine pounds more than I was on Friday but I knew that it was an impossibility for me to have gained that much "actual weight" in 3 days, I mean that's 31500 EXTRA calories and I know that was not the case so I chalked it up to sodium and no water and did not worry about it. All week I have been inching closer to my 344 pound weight, and by all week I mean since Wednesday when I actually started eating within my 1700 calories and getting enough to drink, so for two days now.

I have done zero exercise all week and that has nothing to do with me not eating well in the beginning of the week. Out of the blue and for no reason at all, meaning that I did not injure myself or do anything obvious that would give me a reason why, my hip/lower back on the left side started hurting last weekend so I decided that I would take it easy until the pain went away, it is a dull almost not there pain but when I get a good stride going it comes back harder.

Busy comes in because opening day for fishing is coming up on the 18th and I have been going through all of my fishing gear and making sure everything was in order. I bought a new light action reel and plan on putting some fresh fish on the table this year and for those that do not know, I am very obsessive about things when I am doing them (mayby this is why I was able to lose 190 pounds) and I have been in fishing mode all week, before you think that "ahhh he obsesses on one thing at a time hence the lack of attention to the weight loss" know that its not the case, I quite literally blew it for 4 days and have been back in full on weight loss mode since late Tuesday night and I don't believe that a person could eat bad for 3-4 days and not have a bad effect from it.

Green tea and water have been flowing and a balanced intake has been the case for the end of the week and the plan is to stay on that path. I do have a date at Wifys family's Easter dinner this Sunday but as with all holidaze I don't count my calories for holiday meals but I do eat reasonably and that won't change just because I had a bad start this week.

Oh I almost forgot to mention how much of a gain I had this morning, I weighed in at 347.6 (with socks and a tee shirt on which is not usually the case) so just over a 3 pound gain from last Friday but I do expect that it will be at least a pound lower tomorrow morning as I believe that I am still on the flushing sodium/rehydrating thing but that's to be seen and the 347 is what it is. I was up nine pounds just 4 days ago and I think that after today I will be properly hydrated once again. I am not changing my "start/current/goal" ticker on the side bar this week but if I am still at a gain by next Friday it will be changed so that right there is some motivation for me to stick with the program this week. I am going to try the bike tonight to see if it hurts my hip/back and if not I will do some low intensity rides in the coming days.

Over all its just been a very busy week for me hence the lack of attention to posting every day but this week should be filled with posts for your reading pleasure! just do not expect a post on the 18th! when 6am rolls around know that I will be standing on a body of water or a stream trying for some trout, I WILL be out fishing ALL day!

Don't forget that H2O (I know someone that should be taking his own advice on that one!) and keep on keepin on, Thanks for the support and hopefully I will have some fish photos to share next weekend!

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  1. Scalin it up is difficult when it can be so easily swayed by bullshit. Well done on getting it back to the realm of accuracy and without any exercise. Keep at it, Z!

  2. I appreciate and admire your honesty.

  3. Gains suck but you know you'll be back on track sooner rather than later.

  4. Enjoy your fishing. I've come to realize when I'm enjoying myself and not stressing over the scale the weight starts coming off again. I'm sure you'll have that gain back off in no time. Happy Easter!!!

  5. I like your eating reasonable but not counting on holidays. I'm going to do that on Easter since it will be the first day I've had sweets since the beginning of Lent. I think if I focus too much on the calories, etc. I'm going to make myself crazy. EAT REASONABLE. I'm a big girl, I can do that.