Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fini, done and no more of that shi.....

I have not been a good blogger over the past week or so, I have been an even worse "inspiration" or dieter in that same time. I have not been exercising at all and I have pretty much eaten whatever I wanted to whenever I wanted to with zero counting or balancing of foods. I went a whole week without green tea, the good part about that is that I did stick to H2O strictly so I did not go off track too bad with the hydration.

More than one thing is happening that is contributing to this lack of stick to it-ness, I am as comfortable as can be in my own skin right now and it is making me relax a bit along with the beautiful weather that we are having in New England right now I think I have slipped into a state of relaxation which is causing me to not be so strict.

and then it happened...

I was running errands as I normally do and walking through a Stop & Shop and towards me walks a very fit very intense looking woman, she was wearing what looked like running gear or workout gear which was really just an under armor shirt and some running pants, she has an ipod strapped to one arm and a HRM or some other piece of equipment strapped to the other, she held an apple and a bottle of water in her hands and I noticed her while she was far off. She was walking directly towards me and as she got closer we made eye contact for a split second but she flashed me a look as if to say "Hey fat boy a little exercise would go a long way" and at that very moment I thought about how much weight I have lost in the last 16 months and how far I have come with my health in general, I need to get back into a strict routine again because the last few weeks have been anything but that. Now little miss intense ipod workout girl probably was not thinking that and was more likely just listening to her ipod and focused somewhere else but even if that's the case the look made me think about the fact that I was not the focused, driven and intensely into my health person that I was just a month ago.

Doing things my own way where weight loss is concerned has gotten me to a point in my life where I have control again but being comfortable is getting the better of me. I have gained a little bit of weight back over the last month but honestly haven't fluctuated too high but it IS high enough that I know that I need to get back on track. I have bounced up to as much as 13 pounds higher than my lowest weight to as little as 2 pounds above that number and back again over the past few weeks and this shows me that even without the exercise and strict eating regimen that I can somewhat maintain my current weight pretty much eating what I want when I want to which is good and bad at the same time.

Today will mark the start of, well a new start so to speak, I have to get refocused because I have come very far in this weight loss game but I have not gotten as far as I need or want to. This weekend my father saw me for the first time in a month or two and he said that he "could not remember me ever being this small" and then joked about how he would be able to push me around soon and honestly I have not really lost a whole lot of "actual" weight since he last saw me but I am sure that I am smaller. I bought a pair of 44 waist jeans just about a month and a half ago give or take and they are loose on me currently and I believe a 42 waist would fit just fine, all of my 4xl tee shirts are way loose on me now as well, even the one 3xlt shirt fits nice and comfy like on me lately and I believe that the skin is starting to catch up with the weight loss a bit and is causing the shrinking look even though my weight has not changed much.

I am treating this as if today is my first day on this weight loss journey and starting fresh with fresh eyes, 1700 calorie limit, exercise daily and drink 1 gallon of green tea per day along with extra H2O, simple right? well it is and all I need do is execute as planned and on down the road I go with more success and a healthy life.

And that's all I got to say about that...

As Ever


  1. I liked that post. 200 pounds lost is where you will be very soon, I can see it!!

  2. Great way to get refocused. It's so hard to recommitt sometimes. Sounds like you have a plan. You know you can do it. Just look at how much weight is gone so far. I just loved your post when the nurse and the doctor thought you'd had surgery to loose weight. You will be successful!

  3. I think it's amazing you can catch yourself after only a week off and realize you aren't as focused as you would like to be. That is a big accomplishment; so many people give up once they get comfortable. Good for you!

  4. You can do it- we all lose focus from time to time. Easter made me gain 4 lbs and frustrated me to no end. I've lost 2.5 lbs of it and am determined to keep going!

  5. Sometimes we need that gimlet eyed gaze looking at us eh!

  6. great post man. we all have to refocus from time to time.. And you ARE inpiring.

  7. such a good way to STOP and refocus.

    Ive been thinking lately how I want to live each day as tho it were my FIRST.

    If I try(as I have always kinda used as a default setting) the "each day as my last" mode I look backward too much.
    focus too much on regret.

    your post brought this to mind again for some reason.