Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back to basics and soul crushing reality

Tuesday went very well with the calories, because I used an old Excel sheet to record my intake for the day I did come in low for total calories for the day. When I first began this weight loss regimen I was eating 1500 calories total and the excel sheet that I made reflects a 1500 calorie total and somewhere along the way I changed it to 1700 but have 2 copies of the excel sheet and when I copied the new one for the week I used the old 1500 calorie limit sheet accidentally so my total for Tuesday came in at 1485 total calories. I did not notice that I was low until this morning when I looked at the sheet to post in this post because it has a "calories left to eat" column and that's apparently the one that I was paying attention to. Because of the mix up and the lower intake for yesterday with no ill effect and I felt fine and full I have decided to go 1500 calories all week because of the recent gain, so there is the intake situation and here is a look at the menu for yesterday.


8:30 AM
2 multi-grain english muffins 200
1 serving turkey pepperoni 70
2 wedges laughing cow 70
sliced tomato 15
dill pickle 10

10:30 AM
1 orange 75

12:45 PM
2 80 cal rolls 160
1 T peanut butter 95
1 T jam 50

6:00 PM
7.5oz grilled chicken 410
5oz sweet potato 125
1 cup green beans 50

8:15 PM
6oz carrots 70
1 serving newman's own honey mustard dressing 70
3oz cauliflower 15

Exercise for Tuesday did not go as planned, I was going to ride my bike in the evening after dinner as I always do but when I went to start my car to pick wify up from work I had a dead battery so after dinner I ended up hunting down a battery for the car which cut into the bike riding time. I have to be done riding before 8:00 pm because the rec room is next to my sons room and he is in bed by 8:00 so I am limited by that. To make up for the lack of a ride I did lift some light weights while watching The biggest loser so I feel good about exercise for the day and though it was not cardio I do need to start weight training so its all good.

I mentioned The biggest loser and sometimes while watching that program I hear or see something that hits home like it is being said about me and on last nights show Jillian said something about the guy Mike that went right through me. She said "it is soul crushing to be a 300 pound teenager" and honestly as she said that I flashed back to LOTS of things that had happened in my life as a teenager and thought to myself about how a truer statement has never been spoken and I related to what she said as if it was me that she was talking about. Everything that I have done in the last 16 months has been something that the 300 pound teenager in me hasn't been able to do and I somehow feel refocused because of that statement. I have to lose the weight, I have to stick to what I have been doing because it is working and that is what will happen.

There you have the Wednesday edition of As the fat guy turns, get that H2O into your body and keep on keepin on because what we choose do is what defines who we are.

As Ever


  1. Since you watched Biggest Loser last night you should also know to be careful not to UNDEREAT. Which I KNOW is really, really hard when you've gained weight. I honestly think it's possible Kristin's weight gain was because she hasn't been eating enough. The total calories shown in that food diary couldn't have been more than 1200 and she weighs 260! I'm speaking from experience here as I've had an inexplicable 3 lb. gain this week - seriously I was in my ranges all week so it's probably thyroid or hormone related, but still it's soooo hard mentally. I just want to fast, not eat at all or just drink, or SOMETHING QUICK today so I can get that weight off. Which is a completely ridiculous thought pattern. So, please eat enough -- not too much -- just enough. Remember, if you get actually stomach growling hungry, it won't hurt you to have another piece of fruit :-)

  2. Last night's was a decent episode. Jillian has a lot of psychological training apparently because she does that stuff rather frequently.

    GL on your new calorie limit. I'm still rocking 2500 on my high day, 1500-1750 on my normal days and 1200 on my low day. I think it's easier for men to go low than women (although low for one can be normal or even high for the other just because of mass difference) simply because women are more apt to throw their hormones out of balance by it than we are.

  3. Loved the quote by Jillian. Thanks for your always thoughtful posts.

  4. I bet you'll see a loss this week! I was happy to get on here and see a detailed write-up of what you had for the day! It shows me (and everyone else) that you don't have to starve yourself to count calories. :D You're an old pro at this by now, and a little reflection on the past and the "big picture" can only be good, as you refocus and get started on this downward spiral of weight loss once again. :)

  5. Powerful powerful quote and, as a woman who is in REFUSING TO WATCH BL mode, thanks for sharing.

    I have a loveHATE relationship with that entire concept (the show not the quote :))