Friday, April 24, 2009

weigh in

As I type I am covered in paint but I wanted to make sure to get a post up as it is weigh in day, this morning I weighed in at 349 pounds which is 5 pounds higher than my lowest weight and 4 pounds lighter than last Friday so it is moving in the right direction. I will attempt to get a proper fully informative post up over the weekend but for now we are painting the exterior of the house so my hands are a tad full atm.

I am staying within calories but no exercise besides yard work and painting and I feel good about the week, I am staying hydrated and in fact am down 1/2 a gallon of tea as of this morning already! so keep on keepin on and all that, I have to get back to work before I get caned!

As Ever


  1. awesome. When I read posts like that I think about my own position. I can do so many more things at just 39 pounds lost. So I imagine it feels good to be able to paint the house now, which is likely something you wouldnt have done when you started.

    your awesome man. stay strong!

  2. 4 pound loss for the week?! Awesome! :) Looks like you're back in the game!

  3. no exercise besides yard work and painting.

    methinks thats a TON of exercise as well!!

  4. Painting and yardwork are definitely exercise. Way to go on the 4 lbs lose, that's great.