Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking control back looks good on me.

It doesn't take too much to get a fella back in the game, I stuck to my calories for yesterday and was out all afternoon walking around with my daughter. When I say I stuck to my calories what I really mean is that I was slightly low for the day, not by many but low none the less with a total of 1565 for the day so not really so bad. The walking around with my daughter was not really anything that could be considered cardio but then when is walking really considered an intense workout right? it is cooler today than it has been, we have touched the 90's this week and I was/am covered in poison ivy so sweating was very uncomfortably itchy so I am going to take advantage of the cool day we have and take a long walk when I hit publish on this post, maybe around the entire lake as I have not done that yet since living here. Like I said I feel like I am back all in again with this routine and I have only completed one successful day since falling off the wagon a couple weeks ago but then I gotta ask myself, is it really only one successful day? and then I have to answer that no its not, its more than 16 months of being successful with reaching some goals and the rarity is the off the wagon part.

I am getting itchy (no pun intended) to go hiking again, the weather is beautiful and the spring flowers are blooming all over the place, anyone that has followed my blog since last year has seen some of the photos that I took while hiking around last spring in This post and like I said I NEED to get back out there. I ordered a back pack back in February that holds a camelpack hydration bladder and it was on back order at the time but I was told that it would be delivered by the beginning of April so no worries right? I had no plans to hike before then anyways so the beginning of April came around and no pack I contacted the company and they said it would ship by the end of the month and in the mail yesterday I received a package! I was happy to see the box on my step so I opened it up and the paracord that I ordered was correct, the new compass that I ordered was perfect, but the pack was black, this is not the color that I ordered and if I wanted black I could have had in in February. So a not so quick call to the not so quick customer service rep ended with a return shipping label and a trip to the UPS store for me and again I am waiting for my new pack, she said that I would get it about 5 days after they receive the black pack so again I wait.

It is easy to get back into a healthy eating ritual when the addiction is not a factor any more, and I have to say that eating out of control is not really something that works for me or my life at this point. Too many years have been spent not doing the things that I want to do for me to spend another second on a non healthy way of living.

Here is the accountability part of the post, yesterday I ate 1565 calories spread around the day with no more than 3.5 hours between meals/snacks. I drank 1 gallon of green tea and 1/2 gallon H2O as well as a diet coke that I shared with my daughter with our lunch at subway. Exercise was not really there unless you count the gardening that I did and the walking around all afternoon (approximately 3.5 hours out and about with my daughter in the afternoon) I don't count that as exercise because I don't believe daily activities should count as effort in exercise, when I was 534 pounds damn straight I would count it as exercise but no more and thats just how I feel about it.

With that, another mind blending episode of Fat man and Blobbin has concluded kids, make sure to tune in at the same bat time on the same bat channel to see what happens next!

As Ever


  1. Welcome Back!!! Glad to hear you're back on track!!!

    Regarding the poison ivy, I have several suggestions for easing the itch and helping clear it up - email me if you'd like more info!