Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Look in that mirror over there...

Monday went as planned and I came in at 1655 calories for the day, I have not ridden my bike in more than a week and right now I have a pain in my lower back from driving for 3 hours and rough housing with my daughter on Easter. Over all I am feeling back on track from what I was doing for the last week or so and its got to be that way because I still have a lot of weight to go.

I believe that losing the amount of weight that I have lost is starting to feel good to me and this may be the reason that I am slacking off a bit on the eating properly thing. Exercise has been halted because I have back pain and when that comes around there is nothing that I can do besides waiting it out BUT the eating I CAN control. I think that I am comfortable at my current weight as it is close to the weight that I have been for most of my adult life and it feels like end game to me. Though it is awesome that I feel good and feel like I can do anything that I want to right now the cold hard truth of the matter is that I am still a 350 pound fella and I have a ways to go before I am at a healthy weight. Is this 350 pound body that I walk around in better than the 534 pound one? absolutely! but I do think that I have to remind myself that I want to be smaller, I still need to lose close to another 100 pounds to be at the weight that I WANT to be at, I made a decision 16 months ago to drop ALL of the weight that was holding me back not 66% of it and that's what I gotta do.

Admitting that the last two weeks was not so good is the first step so there it is, the last two weeks of no weight loss was my fault and I own that, now its time to get back into a groove and keep on keepin on...now where have I heard that before?

As Ever


  1. Ironic to me that you wrote this blog today as I was thinking about this very thing this morning. It just so happens that my breaking my Lenten sweets fast coincided with me arriving at the weight that leaves me with one third left to go. I am in a comfortable place and find it super easy to allow the little extras that end up pushing me back to uncomfortable land. I'm with you Tony -- 100% or BUST!

  2. Great job getting back on track yesterday. I struggled more than I'd care to admit yesterday but in the end I would call my day successful. 27 points, which is much better than my estimated 120 point day on Saturday, LOL.

  3. Well babe, as you already know, that's my issue too! But, since September of 08. When we started losing weight together, I told you I would get down to 170 and stall out. That was my post swimming, pre-pregnancy weight. I saw 170 on the scale and that was it! Now I fluctuate between 171-175 for the past 4 months. Some weeks, I know why, and own it. Other weeks, I try hard and can't quite break the 170's. I need to keep up the hard work for a whole month, but it always feels like there is something. Wether it's Easter, or a hard day out in the yard without hydration, or just a trip to Friendly's. We should ban together, and drop the next 10 lbs together. Exercise together, keep each other on track eating wise, and whatever else we need to do. I'm ready...are you?

  4. Alright folks. We're all back on track starting now!

  5. It's hard to want to keep going when you feel really satisfied with where you're at. I think there should be such thing as "guilt free breaks" that have a beginning and an end. Yours was last week...but it has ended now. Look forward to your next break, whenever it may be, and just tell yourself you will do AWESOME until then! Perhaps you can have a guilt free break on Father's day! Until then, though, do your best to stay away from all of the things that you know you gotta stay away from (damn the Easter bunny and his menacing Cadbury Creme eggs!!)

    Haha! :)