Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A tea party and a visit to the doctor..

Tuesday I had an appointment with a Doc just to check out how I was doing physically and I was happy with the results of the visit. A bit apprehensive about the appointment because it has been quite a while since I had blood taken for testing or my blood pressure checked, actually I had my pressure checked at the Health and wellness festival that I went to a few months ago and it was just on the high side of normal. I walk into the office and was actually looking forward to hopping on the scale because I wanted to see how accurate mine was and I was happy to learn that the docs scale said that I was .2 higher than my own scale so I think mine is pretty accurate. Into the little room to give my history as I was a new patient with this doc and when I told the nurse taking the history that I had recently lost 190 pounds her mouth literally hung open and she began asking how I was doing it going off subject of the history briefly, she finished and said that the doc would be in momentarily.

Enter the Doc, after saying hello and introducing himself he says "So you had a bypass surgery recently? great job on the 190 pounds" to which I replied "No I didn't have a surgery" after a second look at the history that the nurse took he said "it says you have lost 190 pounds, you did that without a surgery?" "Yes I did" at that point the doc got a look on his face as if to say "cool" and he started asking me details about what exactly I was doing to drop the weight, He was impressed with my meal choices and said "You are doing everything right, its hard to argue with a loss like this" He asked me about what I drink and when I told him that I was only drinking green tea and water the only thing he said was to watch out for high fructose corn syrup because a lot of the pre-made stuff had a lot in it and when I said that I brewed my own he again affirmed that it was hard to argue with what I am doing. He took some blood and is doing some tests and my blood pressure was 117 over 76 and I have a follow up appointment set up to go in after the blood test results come back. Over all it was a positive meeting and I am looking forward to the second appointment.

This blog is about my weight loss, but from time to time I post up some current events and random things that interest me and I thought I would share a few photos from the Tax day tea party that went on in Hartford this afternoon, with the amount of green tea that I drink you just know that I couldn't have passed up a tea party!

Of course when I saw that they were not serving green tea I left immediately! there were a lot of people there and I just happened to be in the neighborhood so there you have it. As far as my calories go I am right where I should be besides a home made doughnut that my Mother in law made this afternoon and I am feeling good about the intake this week thus far and that doctor visit was the icing on the cake, or should I say doughnut.

I still have pain in my back but am itching for a bike ride bad! Going on a nice long walk has been burning inside my skull as well but I want to make sure that the back pain is not there before resuming the exercise so that's how it will go.

That's the end of the show for this evenings episode of as the fat guy turns! keep on keepin on and all that and don't forget that H2O!

As Ever


  1. I was curious as to how much green tea you drink everyday. And, if you drink it hot warm or cold?

    You should not only be proud of the weight loss but the fact you are making the world a better place. I like your blog

  2. you should be SO PROUD.
    and Im so confident that doctor was thinking about you the rest of the day as well.

    you are, indeed, pretty damn awe inspiring.

  3. awww that is so cool about the dr!!!

    I am also glad to see you went out to the tea party :) my hubby didn't want us to go because he wasn't sure if there would be any "bad" things happening. We even had Ted Nugent down here singing and Glen Beck was broadcasting from Alamo plaza and I really wanted to go :( me and the boys were totally bummed about not going.

  4. I love the report of your doctor's visit! I'm planning for a checkup later this year, and I won't have lost as much as you have, but I expect to suprise them as well.

    It's just so telling that he assumed you had surgery.

    Thanks for the daily inspiration I get from your journey!

  5. Great doctor's visit, glad you felt good about it. Cool pictures, I think all men are history buffs *grin*.

  6. I would have brought a photo for the doctor to see your dramatic transformation! :)