Monday, March 11, 2019

I've been thinking about blogging again

A lot has happened since I began this blog back in 2008 and now, I lost a ton of weight probably literally as well as figuratively from then to now, kids have grown up and there was even a point in which I considered a weight loss surgery (yes I put on some weight that had been lost) and here I am. I am currently heavier then I want to be and it dawned on me, hey! I wrote a blog, how about you go back and read some of it! so I have and thought I'd pop up a quick post and see if anyone was still paying attention. Truth is that these posts were always for me and the fact that some of you fine people jumped aboard and cheered me on was a bonus that I didn't think would happen in the caliber that it did and I thank you all for that! but back to me, When I was writing in this blog on a daily basis it gave me a direction to follow, an accountability factor that I almost had to adhere to else I would feel the wrath of the internet in messages and comments.

The long short of it if that's even how you say it is that I am heavier than I want to be and I decided to do something about it again, 11 years ago a Dad decided enough was enough and I dropped more than 200 pounds on my own... Scratch that because it wasn't on my own, it was with the help of a community that grew from a blog started by a fat dude along with a shit ton of hard work and  the shit ton of work is on my shoulders but this blog did in fact help me lose the weight back then and Maybe I need to include it in my 2019 run for the title and see where that gets me.

With all of that said, keep an eye out for your favorite fat dude who got a taste of the healthy life looking to make a come back. I'm not going to start off with how much weight I put back on, its not as high as when I started in 08, just know that its significant enough that it will take work again and I need to put in that work, so it begins again.

As Ever